Beware Online Discounts That Vanish As You Check Out

Omie Ismail at LiveCheap warns online shoppers to look out for discounts that disappear before you finalize purchases.

He writes about how he visited GNC and applied a discount that didn’t go through. He wouldn’t have noticed unless he had gone line by line through the order. He writes:

the problem is that the $39.99 Gold Card Savings that is itemized is never reflected in the Estimated Total and when you check out, it disappears entirely. If you do the math according to the cart it should be $114.98 (per the coupon it should be $126.98 since it is 20% after all other discounts) . So GNC offers you a discount but conveniently omits to subtract it from your total.

If you’ve suffered a similar vanishing discount, share your experience in the comments.

Online Shopping: Watch out for Phantom Discounts [LiveCheap]

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