Verizon Customer's DSL Upgraded, House Still Not On Fire

Remember Michael? When he tried to upgrade his Verizon DSL, a customer service rep helpfully told him that 7 mbps was not only unavailable at his address, but it would burn his house down. After this slightly surreal exchange was featured on Consumerist, Michael reports that Verizon’s executive customer service got in touch with him and figured out the situation. Guess what? He could get the blazing fast DSL that Verizon had repeatedly refused him.

He writes:

I’ve been working with their General Manager of Executive Customer Service in NY and she confirmed without a doubt I CAN get the 7mb service. I was made an offer and will be continuing service with Verizon for my internet.

I’ve been following the comments on here and on other websites daily as well. If people have read my story, the frustration stems from wanting to order something advertised and getting nowhere. I wasn’t asking for media attention in the beginning. All I wanted was one phone call, to order something advertised. I was happy to pay the $42.99 p/m price that was on the website and available to order at my specific address as a new account. When I logged into my account to place said order, magically 7mb was not available anymore.

An engineer confirmed my exact distance from the central office and stated without a doubt I can get the service soon. From what I was told, their was a technical glitch based on my account that prevented me or anyone for me to upgrade to the 7mb speed.

Michael reports that his DSL is currently running at about 6 mbps, and his house is still standing.

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