Help, I'm Getting Someone Else's Newegg Emails!

Reader IfThenElvis has a problem with his Newegg account. Well, technically, it’s not his account. It was just registered using his email address.

I have access to someone’s NewEgg account and don’t want it. If I was
a nogoodnik I could abuse their credit card. He inadvertently created
an account using my email address and I have been receiving his
welcome, invoice, confirmation, and UPS tracking emails. It took a
week but the package was delivered. I have not logged in but can see
his name, address, and phone number. Do I contact him?

If he’s forgotten his password then I don’t want to be in the position of
receiving his password reset email and then forwarding it to the wrong
person even if they are in the same household – I worry about abuse of
the credit card and my liability. NewEgg will not/cannot help. What’s
my next move? Contact him? Login, remove the card and/or cancel the
account? How do I get out of this while protecting myself?

I would give the other customer a call, awkward as it may be. What would you recommend?

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