Subway's Beef Barbacoa Sub Could Use Some Beef

Subway is offering a limited-time sandwich, the “Beef Barbacoa,” in a few markets. Skylar in California ordered this sandwich, being misled by the name into thinking that it contained a reasonable amount of beef. Don’t be silly, Skylar.

He wrote to Consumerist:

I submit to you my disturbing “Advertised vs. Reality” picture. It would seem I am getting ripped off and received about 1/4 the amount of advertised meat… so today I had a bread sandwich.

Now, now: there’s also some cheese and lettuce in there. Skylar sent an email complaint to Subway, and received this response from the franchisee:


Thank you for your comments regarding our beef barbacoa sandwich.This sandwich is a new offering and consequently when new products are offered there are many issues to address with valuable feedback such as yours.As a matter of fact portioning on this sandwich has been a common complaint.As franchisees we are obligated to follow company standards and at [restaurant] we do that on every issue I can assure you that.Unfortunately the required amount of meat does appear a little skimpy and I am sure that Subway will re-address this issue.

Once again thank you for your comments and we hope to see you soon enjoying another of our tasty subs at Subway.

At least they admit the problem, but actually fixing it, as well as sending disappointed customers a coupon or two, might go a long way toward solving it.

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