23 Things Restaurants Do To Save Money

Coupon Sherpa put together a list of 23 ways restaurants cut costs.

Many of the techniques on the list are eye-openers on the shady side. Here are a few of them:

1. Reduced Portions
From bread baskets to entrees, portions have shrunk while some niceties have been eliminated altogether. That complimentary breadbasket may feature the cheaper breadsticks and a scant few pieces of bread. Some restaurants no longer automatically bring bread unless asked or charge extra. On the plus side, perhaps this is part of the reason the obesity epidemic is slowing down in America.

2. Disappearing Condiments and Fixings
Some sandwich joints have actually charge extra for more than the minimum of condiments and/or such basic fixings as lettuce, tomatoes, olives, etc. Apparently $5 only buys just the meat and bread.

3. Reconstituted Meats
We used to laugh that “parts was parts,” but fast food joints are no longer the only places inclined to feature unidentifiable parts. Reconstituted meats have been ground down and mixed with water and other by-products, then pressure assembled to look like real steak or chicken. For some time now the FDC has required processed cheese manufacturers label products containing less than 50-percent cheese as “cheese food.” Perhaps menus should start indicating when they’re serving “chicken food” and “beef food.”

Click on the link below for the full story. Restaurant workers, which cost-cutting techniques did Coupon Sherpa miss?

Recipe for Survival: 23 Ways Restaurants Save Money [Coupon Sherpa]
(Thanks, Jeff!)

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