Playtex Came Through Where Toys R Us Failed In Replacing Broken Breast Pump

The thing about breast pumps is when they break, you can’t exactly sit around for several weeks waiting for a kindly CSR to get you a replacement. Kids need bottles and moms need to relieve the pressure so they can get work.

Charles says Toys R Us wouldn’t let he and his wife exchange a busted Playtex breast pump, but luckily Playtex came through and overnighted the grateful couple the replacement parts they needed.

Charles writes:

My wife and I just had our first son a week ago and have been very busy juggling our new baby, school and work. To help I bought a Playtex breast pump so I would be able to feed our baby when my wife is away. While looking at the pumps I realized how very expensive they are. I am a 22 y/o student working part time paying my own way through college and supporting a child, so I don’t think I need to tell you how little money I have. Playtex was the only company that sold pumps for less than $300. After researching the pumps I found that the reviews for the $90 model and the $200 model of the Playtex were very similar. Most of the complaints about the product was directed toward Playtex customer support. I decided to roll the dice with the cheaper model.

I brought it home and it worked great. I was able to feed my baby while my wife was away and I was very happy. This was until two days later when the plastic tube connecters started to crack making the device malfunction. At this point I panic remembering the horror stories on the product reviews. I called Toys-r-us and they said I had to call Playtex because they do not accept returns on personal hygiene items. At this point I sit down on my bed and get prepared for a long call with Playtex. I assumed it would be harder than getting out of a phone contract without a ETF, but to my complete shock it was one of the best customer service calls I’ve had in a long time.

I spoke to a woman named Carolyne who apologized and asked me for a serial number of my product. She then took my information for the warranty and said she would ship me out the replacement parts. I got off the phone very satisfied until I got my package today (the next day). Carolyne shipped it next day air with Saturday delivery. Not only did she send me the little plastic pieces but she sent me three complete sets of all the tubing along with a personalized letter! I am no fool and I know this could not have cost Playtex much more than $10 but this was so helpful for me and my wife. We really needed that pump for next week and I am glad I purchased mine from Playtex.

Parents, what’s the most difficult baby product failure you’ve overcome?

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