Pizza Hut Charged Us $11 For Its $10 Offer

Jen and her coworkers say Pizza Hut charged them $11 for its $10 any pizza, any toppings deal.

She writes:

I saw that you have an article on your website about someone who tried to order a stuffed crust pizza for Pizza Hut’s $10 Pizza Days and there was an additional charge. I had a similar experience.

Two weeks ago (Jan 6th or 7th), our department at work decided that we wanted to order pizza from Pizza Hut because their website states “Any Pizza, Any Toppings, Just $10!” We decided to order 2 large Taco pizzas and a regular hand tossed with 3 toppings. When my coworker called, the Pizza Hut on S. Fish Hatchery Road in Madison, WI said that the Taco pizzas were actually $11.00 each, not $10.00. She questioned it, and was told that the Taco pizzas were not part of the deal. Huh?

I went to their website to see if there was anything that indicated certain pizzas do not qualify for the price. It states “Additional charge for Stuffed Crust Pizza. No Double Toppings.” However, it does not state that certain pizzas are not included. In fact, it clearly states “Any Pizza, Any Size, Any Crust, Any Toppings – Just $10 !”

Silly me, I must have somehow misunderstood. Oh wait, here’s the disclaimer: “Crust availability, prices, participation, delivery areas and charges may vary.” So… If any pizza is $10, how can crust availability and prices vary? In particular, how can the price vary? Aren’t they advertising $10? To me, this makes no sense. And at this point, I was confused, and a bit ticked off.

I then proceeded to their “Contact Us” section of the website. I told them of our experience and asked for them to explain the Any Pizza $10 deal when crust availability and prices vary. You don’t have a lot of room to explain things, but I did the best I could. I checked the “Type of Feedback?” as Website (since I was questioning the ad) and the “Would you like to be contacted by a Pizza Hut Representative?” with Yes.

As of today, I have not heard anything from Pizza Hut. Granted, it’s for two bucks. But come on, be honest about what you’re offering.

If you’ve ordered the $10 deal and been stuck with extra charges, please let us know.

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