Learn To Play The Drugstore Game From The Very Beginning

Are you curious about what dedicated bargain-hunters call the Drugstore Game, taking advantage of drugstores’ reward programs in order to acquire more toothbrushes and shampoo than your family could ever possibly use? What frugal person isn’t? Yet the forums where people discuss the tricks of this game can be intimidating, and it’s hard to know where to start. What if you’re not ready for major-league Drugstore Game? Is there maybe Drugstore Game T-Ball? Yes, there is!

The blog Chief Family Officer, which originally coined the term “Drugstore Game,” is currently in the process of teaching a reader how to play the game from scratch. You can follow along and learn, too. The CFO has taken an apprentice–a Padawan of savings–who is learning to play the game, while the entire Internet watches. No pressure.

What is the Drugstore Game? It’s addictive and fun. Done correctly, it allows players to take advantage of a combination chain drugstore sales, store loyalty programs, rebates and store or manufacturers’ coupons to get a wide variety of household and personal care items for free. For example, the coupon ninja we featured a few months ago who bought over $90 worth of merchandise for $5 used Drugstore Game techniques.

Now you can learn along with Drugstore Game Padawan Nicole. Use your powers wisely. Maybe donate some of your absurd personal care hauls to charity.

Drugstore Game Padawan (reverse chronological order) [Chief Family Officer]
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