Alleged Shoplifter Dies After Encounter With Walmart Security

A South Carolina woman died shortly after a run-in with Walmart loss prevention. Was the asthma sufferer’s death a coincidence, caused by the stress of being caught by security, or something even more sinister than that? Test results and a review of surveillance footage should clarify the situation somewhat in a few months.

Deputy Coroner Tony Hendrick said Williams died of natural causes. An autopsy was performed Sunday, and test results could take 10-12 weeks.

Williams’ mother Patricia Jackson said she has a lot of questions about what happened. She said Williams has eight children, and she doesn’t know what to tell them.

“What am I going to tell them?” Jackson asked. “Go ask the man from Walmart who choked her to death?”

Williams’ 16-year-old daughter Myiesha Williams said she was with her mother as they left the Walmart.

“She said, ‘Hold on, I’ll give you my bag,’ and he just started choking her,” Williams said about the confrontation between her mother and one of the store employees. “He wouldn’t let her go. I told them, ‘She can’t breathe, she can’t breathe,’ and they wouldn’t listen. They wouldn’t.”

Interestingly, the woman’s family openly admits that she had been shoplifting, but contends that Walmart employees went too far to stop her.

Woman dies after confrontation at Walmart [WMBF]

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