Taco Bell Founder Dies

Did you ever visit a Taco Bell drive-thru late at night and wonder why it was named Taco Bell? It’s because the very first one was opened in 1962 in California by a Marine named Glen W. Bell. The 86-year-old died this weekend and will be buried in a private ceremony.

Taco Bell wasn’t his first restaurant attempt–he opened his first fast food joint in 1948, after studying the success of McDonald’s, and then decided to try carving out a different spot in the marketplace by focusing on Mexican food. (The Del Mar Times says he also had a hand in Der Weinerschnitzel.) He sold Taco Bell to Pepsi Co. in 1978, and now the chain is part of the fast food empire Yum! Brands.

“Taco Bell Founder Dead at 86” [NBC Los Angeles] (Thanks to everyone who sent this in!)
Founder of Taco Bell dies at 86 at his Rancho Santa Fe home [Del Mar Times]

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