American Airlines Raises Checked Bag Fees Effective February 1st

American Airlines announced today that they’re raising checked baggage fees by $5, effective February 1st. Your first bag will now cost $25, and your second one will cost $35. If you want to check a third bag, you will have to buy the airplane (cash or certified checks only), and if you want to check a fourth bag, you will have to endure a phone call from AA’s CEO Gerard Arpey, where he will cry at you and say he doesn’t know how to run a company and he’s scared. He only made $8.9 million in total compensation last year, so cut him some slack.

ABC News says those passengers who are exempt from checked baggage fees–business and first-class, as well as military–will remain exempt.

“American Airlines Raises Checked Bag Fees” [ABC News]

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