5 Financial Tasks For Baby Boomers

MSN Money offers financial goal-setting advice for Baby Boomers that can just as easily be applied to any other stage of life.

One goal is the freedom to let you enjoy your life while still maintaining your career:

Seek career freedom. This is one of my big goals — to find a job that allows me to work anytime, anywhere. I like my current job, but it requires me to be in my office five days a week. When my children graduate from high school in a couple of years, I want the freedom to be able to live in a warm climate during the winter and a cool climate during the summer. I’d like to be able to work from home, if not every day, at least most days.

And with career freedom, I’ll enjoy what I do more and likely work longer (which helps with retirement). I’ve written about this idea before — “Slow-motion retirement: A new way to look at the rest of your life.” So I’m planning now financially to be able to take on work that gives me this freedom. This basically means I’m tackling my debt (see Goal No. 1 above). With little or no debt, I’ll have the freedom to either work for myself or take some job that gives me the freedom I’m looking for.

Other tasks from the story: Get out of debt, maximize retirement savings and plan for major unforeseen expenses.

What are your financial goals, and how have they changed as you’ve aged?

5 goals every baby boomer should set [MSN Money]

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