Why Does The Word "Baby" Make The Same Product More Expensive?

Gail has an interesting question. She would like to know why the “baby” version of her son’s eczema cream costs $.50 more than the adult formula, even though the products’ packaging and contents are seemingly identical.

I was in CVS pharmacy today when I noticed the Eucerin (Aquafor) product that I have to put on my son’s face for eczema is $1.50 more [sic] in the baby aisle. I attached pictures of the jars. They are identical in every way, ingredients, size, etc. except the jar in the baby isle says BABY on it. The jar in the skin care isle is 17.99 and the jar in the baby isle is 18.49. I went online to http://www.cvs.com and the prices vary on there too. 16.99 for the jar that doesn’t say BABY and 17.99 for the jar that says BABY.

Both packages are 14 ounces and contain the same ingredients.

Drugstore.com also charges more for the adult healing ointment than the baby version.


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