If You Want A Zhu Zhu Pet, Now's The Time

It seems like only a few weeks ago that fist fights were breaking out in stores over Zhu Zhu Pets. Because it was. Now that Christmas has passed, the cycle is complete, and retailers are up to their whiskers in robot rodents.

Megan in North Dakota sent us this picture of a Walmart toy aisle in North Dakota. By my count, there are 59 Zhu Zhu hamsters nesting on this shelf. Megan noted:

I saw this at a local Wal-Mart this weekend while visiting my sister. How did they suddenly get so many of them after Christmas? There are at least 50 in this picture. I believe it is stacked 4 tall and 7 or 8 deep. I find this sort of practice from manufacturers for so called “Hot Items” extremely misleading. Why even purchase these items at all during the Holiday season? We should all just boycott these “Hot Toys” during Christmas so they will have to sell them at a cheaper price AFTER Christmas due to surplus and hopefully teach them a lesson. Oh ya, that will never happen will it?

No. Probably not.


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