Dear Thanks For The Jelly Roll Pan, But I Ordered A Bag

Here’s something weird. T ordered a bag from and got a jelly roll pan. doesn’t sell jelly roll pans. There is nothing they can do about this, however, except for refund the money. No bag. Enjoy the jelly roll pan.

T says:

I ordered a sherpa bag from because it was $49, $40 off their listed price, and it was listed as the last one in clearance. Of course I jumped on it. Forward to today and the package I get is huge, at least 2 1/2 feet long, by 1 1/2 feet wide, by a foot tall, but it is incredibly light for some reason (the postage says 8 pounds but it is no more than a quarter of that). I dig through the piles of green packing material and what do I find? My sherpa bag? No. I find a jelly roll pan. A jelly roll pan that is no thicker than an inch and weighs no more than a pound or two, but for some reason it came in a huge box with postage for 8 pounds. So, I get the completely wrong item (an item not even available at, and it came in a crazy-sized box. What a two-for-one.

I called CSN to tell them my problem and they tell me that they thought they had one last sherpa bag on clearance, but that they were incorrect, and that it was in fact a jelly roll pan. Really? And because of their error, mistaking a pan for a bag, they couldn’t honor the clearance price and send me the full-price bag, and could only refund my money.

Thanks guys. At least I got a jelly roll pan out of this, for all those jelly rolls that I make.

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1-13-2010 5-17-21 PM.jpg

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