Anonymous Facebook Employe Says Network Keeps Track Of Whom You Stalk Most

In an interview with an unnamed Facebook employee, the Rumpus revealed some disconcerting revelations about the privacy, or lack thereof, in the social network. The most eye-popping of these is that Facebook keeps track of the profiles you click on the most.

Summarized in a post on The Cleveland Leader, here are some of the top pieces of info from the story:

•As of a few months ago, Facebook records and archives info on whose profile you view.

•The employee is aware of at least two co-workers that were fired for abusing their access to profiles. The employee admits that she also inappropriately accesses profiles.

•At one point, Facebook employees used a “master password” which unlocked access to anyone’s account. Apparently use of the password ahs been “deprecated”, or in other words, “discouraged”. This implies it may still exist or work. Wondering what the password was? The employee says “With upper and lower case, symbols, numbers, all of the above, it spelled out ‘Chuck Norris,’ more or less. It was pretty fantastic.”

•Nosy Facebook employees can find your Facebook messages by just querying the database. They are supposedly stored in a database, whether deleted or not. This means they don’t even have to log into your account to read your messages.

•The master password has been replaced by a system that makes Facebook employees log a justification for viewing users’ private profile data, however the employee says that managers are not “on your ass about it”.

The info is shocking, sure, but does it really surprise anyone?

Conversations About the Internet #5: Anonymous Facebook Employee [The Rumpus]
(Thanks, David!)

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