Diet Dr. Pepper Cans Say It Isn't

Jenny the Bloggess was confused when she spotted these cans of Diet Dr. Pepper, as to the amount of diet-ness to the product, which claims there’s “nothing diet about it.”

It seems that Diet Dr. Pepper ads have bragged about the non-diet taste of the soft drink since its inception, which is all well and good. But now the campaign has taken the anti-diet motif so far that it’s hard to see where the diet ends and the non-diet begins. Or ends?

Jenny writes in her post:

I even asked a clerk and he was all “Yeah, we didn’t understand that either. We decided to put it on it’s own rack so people can make that decision for themselves” which was fine except they didn’t actually have any of the regular, less-confusing Diet Dr. Pepper and so I had to buy this.

Has anyone tried the can and confirmed without a doubt that it is indeed Diet Dr. Pepper?

Dear Dr. Pepper: You’re a damn liar. [Bloggess]

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