30-Year Ski Passes Available!

USAToday says that a Utah ski area is offering a limited number of 30-year ski passes to people who buy condos.

From USAToday:

The Canyons resort is honoring an agreement with developers of a condominium hotel to offer each property owner a chance to buy two of the transferrable passes for $5,000 apiece.

The Canyon’s general manager, Mike Goar, says the move will accelerate real estate sales at Escala Lodges, at the base of the mountain.

Prices at Escala Lodges start at $675,000 and range to nearly $2.6 million for a four-bedroom unit.

Here is our analysis of the deal, provided by a guy from the Bronx and a chick from Illinois. The flat part.

Marc: Is that a good deal?

Marc: I’m afraid I know almost nothing about the skiing economy

Meg: Beats me

Meg: Seems crazy

Meg: Will I be able to ski in 30 years?

Marc: It’s transferrable.

Meg: but I hate everyone I know.

Will you buy a condo for this? Good investment?

Utah’s Canyons ski resort offers 30-year passes [USAToday]

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