Sony Asks Customer For Her Reader, Breaks It, Then Sends It Back

I’m not usually amused at the customer service horror stories that arrive in our in box, but this one is just so over the top that I can’t help but laugh incredulously. The lesson here, which Kate sadly learned for all of us, is if Sony ever asks you out of nowhere to send in your Reader for an update, run away.

Kate writes:

So, I am addicted to reading books. Before my Sony Reader, my home looked like a library. Finally, my husband got tired of the clutter and bought me a Sony on the condition that we limit my book purchasing to fit in one small bookcase and only for sentimental purchases. I fell in love with the thing. I used it daily for over a year and a half with no issue whatsoever. Then earlier this month I got an email from Sony saying that due to changes in their software and firmware, I needed to ship my Reader to Laredo, Texas for updating.

This in itself struck me as odd, b/c I should have been able to do firmware and software updates at home through my computer. But they sent me a UPS label and I did what I was told. One week later I get an email saying they are sending the book back untouched and that there is nothing they can do.

Whaaaaaaa?!?! Why did I send it to them? I called and they apologized for the inconvenience.

I get the Reader back and now it is broken. The screen is frozen and blurry and it won’t take a charge. I did a hard reset; nothing. I went to my local Sony store. They offered no help. I called a 1-800 #, they apologized, gave me a work order #, and told me to call Texas on Monday (today) as their office was closed for the holidays. They promised that the office in Texas would send me a refurbished replacement free of charge.

Called Texas today. Said it was going to cost $150.

What kills me is that there was nothing wrong with my Reader before all this happened.

Kate, the only Sony-related contact I have is a PR person with a different company entirely. I’ve asked her to please forward your story on to someone at Sony who can help.

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