Science Toys "For Girls" Don’t Need As Much Power


Budding female science nerds of America, Toys R Us has an important message. This message is: “don’t worry your pretty little head with the most powerful science toys we have to offer.”

Okay, maybe that’s not the actual message here. However, it’s easy to draw some rage-inducing conclusions from a catalog page showing three Edu-Science brand toy telescopes or microscopes, where the least powerful of the trio is always the pink one.


What’s interesting about this grouping is that it doesn’t reflect all of the toys in this line. The least powerful microscope, which was not on sale, actually comes in a nice sleek unisex silver.

Do girls have to buy the pink microscope? No, of course not, but there’s a disturbing message hiding somewhere on this page.

Is this ad sexist?(surveys)

Girls Need Less Power?
[Sociological Images] (Thanks, Cora!)

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