Delta Responds To JFK Clusterfracas

Reached for comment about the big mess I and others observed at their JFK terminal today, Delta said they are working hard to add capacity and find flights home for the stranded passengers whose outpouring of anger at yet further delays required police intervention:

Via email, they wrote: “Delta has been working diligently to reaccomodate passengers displaced as a result of this past weekend’s record-breaking winter storms. Just yesterday we added approximately 6,500 additional seats into markets where we were forced to cancel or delay flights as a result of snow and ice. We are continuing to identify markets that are in need of additional capacity to ensure that our passengers are able to make it home for the holidays. Along with this, we have offered passengers refunds or the ability to change the date of their travel without fee. To date, we have successfully reaccomodated the majority of impacted passengers.

The incident that you mentioned occurred today as a result of a weather-related cancellation we were forced to make on Sunday to Port Au Prince, Haiti. Similar to others, these passengers were offered a refund or the ability to change their travel dates. Understandably, because of the holidays many of them chose to continue their travels and we worked to accommodate them on the regularly scheduled nonstop daily flights. Today some passengers were disappointed they were unable to make today’s regularly scheduled flight as a result of heavy flight loads. When we recognized that our current schedule was not going to ensure that all of these passengers were going to be able to travel today, we opted to add an additional flight for tomorrow. The addition of this flight will successfully reaccomodate all of these delayed passengers. We apologize to these customers for this delay and have been working around the clock to get our customers home for the holidays despite the disruptions caused by weather over the last few days.”

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