Papa John's Delivery Guy Freaked Out When I Forgot To Tip

Arcturus meant to leave a tip for the Papa John’s delivery dude as he ordered over the phone, but he forgot, and then the delivery guy acted in a way that will ensure Arcturus never forgets to tip again — and unsure whether or not he’ll ever use Papa John’s. He writes:

Wonder if this has happened to anyone else? I ordered food and paid with a debit card and whilst I usually tip, on this one occasion, I forgot. I had to call up to correct another problem and asked them to throw a few bucks onto the order for a tip, because I had forgotten. When the pizza arrived, the driver/delivery guy demanded a tip and I said I had asked the store to put one on. He said they couldn’t and I, having no cash on hand, simply apologized and went to take my pizza and go back indoors.

Then things got heated as the delivery guy stopped the door and demanded that I tip him, to which I responded that I couldn’t, having no cash and explained this, as that’s why I used the card to pay in the first place. He seemed to get quite angry and for a moment, I was sure a violent altercation was about to take place. But then he said something I didn’t quite catch and left.

It’s seriously making me doubt ordering from Papa John’s again.

Is this something that happens when people don’t tip, even if it’s purely an accident?

Have you ever been intimidated because you forgot to tip or undertipped?

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