If You Want The One On The Left, Cough Up An Extra $100

Jesse found identical sets of Six Feet Under on DVD, one for $249.99 and the other for $149.99. The more expensive set was most likely a labeling error that would have been caught at checkout — after all, Best Buy sells it online for the cheaper price — but you’d have to be during to grab the set on the right and take it to the register.

Or you could just not go to Best Buy and get the set for $99.99 on Amazon.


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  1. AJ_Syrinx says:

    “…but you’d have to be during to grab the set on the right and take it to the register.”

    Sorry, but I don’t understand this part of your post. You’d had to be what?

  2. kevinrw says:

    the one on the left and the one on the right are clearly different boxes. It looks to me like the one on the left is the original version and the one on the right is the repackaged version that has an MSRP that is $100 less than the original. http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/news/Six-Feet-The-Complete-Series/12591

    • musicbymuzak says:

      I’m the OP; both of them are the SAME. I’m a first time commenter/submitter to consumerist but a longtime reader and I know how comments can get so i anticipated this, I wasn’t about to look like a fool on Consumerist ;) On the back of the big box there is an explanation of what’s included; the EXACT SAME thing is included as described on the green label in front of the box. They APPEAR different but are the same thing.

      • kevinrw says:

        According to the link I provided the content is the same, the box is different. The original was in “collectable packaging” and the new release which is $100 less is in a “shelf-friendly gift box”. I agree with you that a bigger box is hardly worth $100 but the ridiculous price difference is not necessarily just an error by best buy.

        • Sockatume says:

          Indeed, the X-Files and B5 and God knows how many TV series get the same treatment. The smaller box probably came out a year later than the larger one, and correspondingly has a lower RRP.

          • pecan 3.14159265 says:

            In the case of the X-Files set, the slimsets didn’t come out until the larger “collector’s edition” sets had been around for a pretty long time. And the new Six Feet Under slimset wasn’t released until this year. The big box with the grass patch came out in 2006. The slimset just has a picture of the grass patch – it’s not fake grass, just a picture of it.

      • Kitamura says:

        I find it hard to believe that they’re “the same” when in the picture, the more expensive box is the size of two of the cheaper boxes. Lets just assume for a second that they are identical in every way excepting the fact that one box is twice as big. They probably have different SKUs. I’d guess maybe one was the “original” release version and the new one is some sort of repackaged slim version that has a lower MSRP than the original release.

        That being said, someone below pointed out that the fat expensive box is some sort of gift set that comes with bonus items, which may not be printed on the rear packaging because you’d probably be able to see the items on the side of the box.

      • pecan 3.14159265 says:

        The contents may be the same, but the cost of producing the DVDs now in a slimmer format is probably less than the cost was when the original set was released, thus the cheaper price. Fox did this with The X-Files. They released the original collector’s edition packaging and now you see mostly just the slimsets that are space saving. They’re not different in content, just cheaper because there’s less packaging, and the older sets are being phased out.

    • partofme says:

      So the difference is that one has been optimized by the geek squad?

  3. Excuse My Ambition Deficit Disorder says:

    They are different prices because the one on the left is the gift set which includes the soundtrack, a book and other crap. You can tell the difference because the one on the left has the little grass patch on top besides the boxes being different sizes.

  4. PlumeNoir - Thank you? No problem! says:

    Yeah…not much to see here. You can tell that they are completely different packages, without even noticing that the one on the left is wider and deeper just by seeing that the “Six Feet Under” logo is higher on the package on the right. Looks like the package on the left is filled with more “goodies,” and the package on the right has been there a while, judging by the worn green label.

    Sorry, but I have to disagree on this one – they are clearly not identical. And the sentence “but you’d have to be during to grab the set on the right and take it to the register” still makes no sense if Phil meant “daring” instead of “during;” wouldn’t it be more daring to take the one on the left and try to get it for $100 less?

    Oh well, it’s a Monday after a holiday weekend. I know I’m not quite with it yet this morning, either. ;-)

  5. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    I agree with other posters who say the boxes are different. I was at Best Buy the other day, looking at this set – I remember when the original Six Feet Under set was released and it was the large box with the grass patch. The new slimset version does not have this, and is much cheaper than the original, which has other things besides the DVDs. Both qualified for the 50% off HBO pricing that was going on last week. If anyone bought it from Best Buy last week, they would have paid less than they would have on Amazon.

  6. El-Brucio says:

    It is the magic of cheaper packaging, though I find it hard to believe that it made up a 100 dollar difference. I also imagine it’s cheaper because it’s been five years since the show ended, and sales have started to slow.

    It’s like the shrink ray, only for DVD sets. Hopefully the new set isn’t made of the double-sided DVD’s. They’re hateful.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      From my experience with originals vs. slimsets, they phase out the large, bulky packaging, and take the DVDs out to put in the smaller ones. Then they start producing new DVDs again for the new packaging once they run out of DVDs from the old boxes.

      • MattAlbie says:

        Also, keep in mind that HBO sets are *crazy* expensive. Sets of THE SOPRANOS are still $54 all over the place.

        • pecan 3.14159265 says:

          Yep. And HBO just released the second edition of The Sopranos complete series set. It’s a cheaper slimset form now, for the person who still wants The Sopranos but doesn’t care that it’s a collector’s set of any kind.

  7. eccsame says:
  8. MattAlbie says:

    How can anyone think those two boxes are identical? Go look yourself sometime – there’s the old, fat boxed set (with the awesome patch of grass on top) and the new, slim boxed set (without the patch of grass on top).

    The sales associates just haven’t printed out a new, yellow price tag with the corrected price for the one on the left because nobody buys them anyway.

    Though Best Buy just finished “Half Price HBO Week”, so they were both just $75.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      Well, in the case of the fat box, it would have been $125, not $75. They’re different boxes, hence different products. The thin box would have been $75.

  9. Android8675 says:

    One on the left is first print, one on the right is second print, priced differently on release, and best buy rarely updates the stamped on price.

    Take the more expensive edition, it should ring up for $149, then have them price match Amazon.com, which they “sometimes” will, but in all honesty, 6 Feet Under? Really?

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      Best Buy doesn’t match with Amazon, as a policy. They will match other brick and mortar stores, but not online retailers. The overhead is different, and Amazon can afford to price DVD sets consistently lower than Best Buy can.

      • MattAlbie says:

        It really, really depends on what exactly you’re trying to price match and which manager you’re asking. We used to price match Amazon *constantly*, especially on small stuff that never moved.

  10. SG-Cleve says:

    Next time please photograph the UPC codes. If they have the same UPC code then they will ring up at the same price. if they have different UPC codes then these are two different products and we can use the UPC code to research the differences.


  11. golddog says:

    See this is why people download (or “time shift”) stuff like this off of the Net. Even at $149, this is way overpriced (and I liked this show). For that money, you could have paid for a year’s subscription to HBO and “taped” the show, transferred it to DVD or HDD and kept it around for whenever under Fair Use.

    Granted this is a four season set, but that was four years ago and its on Universal HD all the time for free. There must be some great director commentary on there.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      You have to keep in mind that Best Buy regularly labels their products at full MSRP. Anyone who cares about how much they’re paying for this DVD set will shop for a better price. And Best Buy recently had a big 50% off HBO sale, knocking down the price to $75. Even though the sale is over, it’s still much less than $149 elsewhere, like Amazon.

      I didn’t buy the original big box because it was expensive. Now that it’s $99 on Amazon, and it’s in a slimset, I may take the plunge. I don’t have a subscription to HBO and I don’t want one. Not to mention that Six Feet Under ended its run years ago, and isn’t even on anymore. The edited versions that appeared on Bravo hardly do it justice. And I really like special features.

  12. maruadventurer says:

    Couple of notes on this article —

    * Much of the BlueRay/DVD space in a BBY is essentially leased by the studios for placement.
    * With rare exceptions, all the product placed in BBY is priced, not by BBY but by the studios themselves and shipped to the respective stores. Another words BBY does not control the pricing!
    * Would the pricing error be caught? Maybe. It all depends on both of those box sets having the same SKU. If the price is marked down in the computer then the price would be caught. Anything else and all bets are off.
    * The studios also control the markdown sequencing in the BBY stores.

    What really happed was. The box set on the left was sent to the store when the set was initially released. The set on the right arrived subsequently some time later with the new price already applied. The first box set received a markdown order from the studio that BBY did not execute.

  13. pyehac says:

    I thought the left product is on our right, and the right is on our left?