5 Places To Do Last-Second Shopping

Merry Christmas! Finished shopping yet? If the answer is no, relax. You’ve still got time. And you’re in good company. Remember, after Scrooge got scared straight, he had to do all of his shopping on Christmas, and managed to pull it off. And according to one recent poll, 4% of consumers don’t plan on finishing their shopping until after Christmas. Compared to them, you’re an early bird. Just give these stores a try, and you can avoid showing up empty-handed — or worse, bearing gift cards.

1. Supermarkets.
Plenty of major chains are open at least part of the day today, and you should be able to scrape together some decent gifts, ranging from the obvious (food baskets, baked goods, booze) to the unexpected (we’ve seen LCD TVs, high-end coffee-makers and even furniture in supermarkets).


(Photo: Morton Fox)

2. Drug Stores.
CVS, Walgreens and others have positioned themselves as the desperation play of choice, by stocking toys, electronics, perfumes, and, of course, greeting cards and wrapping paper. This year, Walgreens even put out its own gift guide, recommending everything from digital cameras to — gasp — Snuggies.

3. Convenience Stores.
Whether it’s 7-Eleven, Wawa or the nameless gas-station pit stop, you can find the perfect gift for that special someone — if that someone is into extra-large soft drinks, motor oil or beef jerky, that is.

4. Redbox.
By now, pickings may be slim, but the ubiquitous rental kiosks never close (though some are located inside of stores that do), and the company’s terms of use state that after you’ve kept a DVD long enough to incur its maximum charge, it’s “yours to keep.” Unfortunately, that charge works out to a hefty $25 per disc. But, hey, when you’re this desperate, it might be worth it.

antigiftsmall.jpg5. Just Give Cash.
You may have some of this around the house. And if you don’t, we trust you to track down a nearby ATM. Print a Consumerist Anti-Gift Card to go with it, and you’re all set!

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