Parking Lot Safety Tips

You’re not done with your holiday shopping when you swipe your credit card at the cash register. You’ve often got to navigate a potentially treacherous parking lot and get the goods home. The personal finance blog Finance for a Freelance Life offers some common yet helpful tips on how to avoid parking lot robbers.

One piece of advice is not to leave your bags visible to passers by:

2. Don’t Leave Visible Bags in the Car

That’s a good tip any time you’re shopping, but it’s especially important during the holiday season. Smash and grab is a lot easier than opening the trunk and hoping there’s something in it. You make window-shopping a lot easier by leaving visible bags and packages in the car. (Covering them with a blanket isn’t a great idea, though it may make them slightly less attractive.)

If you have other tips on how to stay un-robbed, leave it in the comments.

Holiday Shoppers – Beware Gift Theft [Finance for a Freelance Life]

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