Fedex Abandons Package On Your Doorstep, Forgets About It

Fedex delivered a package to David’s house that was destined for a business on a different street, about half a mile away. He says that it took a ludicrous amount of time and effort on his part to get FedEx to come back and pick up the package. Did FedEx expect him to keep it? Did they expect him to get it to the destination himself? He’s not sure.

He sent this email to a variety of media outlets, and FedEx investor relations.

I’m now up to four calls, four days and being on hold for over 31 minutes over this time….

This is so appalling!

Last Friday, December 18, 2009 I arrived home to find a large box on my porch from FedEx Ground – it turns out that this box was delivered to the wrong address, mine.

Being a thoughtful citizen, I immediately called FedEx saying, “hey, you all have mis-delivered a package to my address and don’t you want to pick it up on behalf of your customer?” They assured me they would signal the driver and come get it.

It has now been four days and four phone calls (and two rain storms) with associated promises of “picking up the package” and they still haven’t picked up the box!

I feel pretty bad for the parties who relied upon the company to deliver their stuff! And I feel offended that I’ve tried to help and because of FedEx diffidence people are being ignored.

I wonder how dedicated the FedEx team is to ensuring they get “it” done?

I’m pretty upset that I’ve taken the time to be conscientious and our folks at FedEx seem like they can’t be bothered.

How terrible for their customers (as if I’d be one now into the future).

David reports that an hour after this email, a FedEx truck showed up at his home to take the package away. It’s true that this is the busiest time of year for delivery companies, but the 4-day delay is a bit over the top.

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