Spyker Makes One More Offer For Saab

Saab may not die after all! Spyker Cars made another offer yesterday, along with a proposal addressing the concerns that led GM to turn down their initial offer.

Said the CEO in a statement:

“We are very confident that our renewed offer will remove the impasse that was standing in the way of an agreement on Friday, and this would still allow us to conclude the deal prior to the expiry of the deadline originally set by GM of Dec. 31.”

Spyker Cars is a Dutch company that builds and sells hand-built sports cars.

Spyker Cars Makes a New Offer to GM for Saab [Bloomberg]


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  1. Chargeback says:

    Saab just needs to die….. There is no future in a car company that barely moved a few hundred units a month in the United States.

    • Awjvail says:

      Well I’m sure they would sell more if they actually made them easier to purchase.

      I don’t even know where the heck to go to buy a Saab… do I go to a Chevrolet dealership? Will they help me?

      Never in my life have I actually seen any of these mythical “Saab dealerships”.

      Like.. stock some of them in another dealership. Stick a few demos or something.

      Or better yet, make use of some of those Pontiac dealerships that are now only selling Buicks and GMCs.

    • scoobydoo says:

      Yeah, kill an entire company because they did poorly in the US. You do know that they are a European company eh? And that the majority of their cars are sold in Europe? I doubt they’ll even want to come back to the US after the way GM treated them.

      • Trai_Dep says:

        Europeans don’t count, since they use silly-looking colored money instead of God-kissed, green US dollar bills. Or Asians. Or Australians. Or Canadians. Or…

      • Chargeback says:

        If they were profitable in Europe, GM would be keeping them, but they were not.

        They should be discarded like Studebaker…

    • scoobydoo says:

      They sold 21,000 last year in the US = more than “a few hundred units a month”.

  2. shepd says:

    Yup, because we should be killing off Citroen as well. I mean, they don’t sell any cars, do they? Throw in Renault while you’re at it…

  3. Trai_Dep says:

    GM Execs, drunk off their bailout, lack the imperative to do the rational thing, selling at a reasonable price to an interested bidder. The same as the Saab deal GM nixed. GM is loathe to see someone else do something well with a brand they drove to the toilet.
    Watch saving GM exec’s egos rule the day over common business sense.
    Like the bank bailouts, the government should have had FAR stronger restrictions and controls on the recipients before handing the cash over. Blank check corporate socialism is always a bad idea.

    • Chmeeee says:

      I sincerely doubt that this is about ego. Saab didn’t make a profit with it’s first owner through the 60s or it’s second owner through the 90s either.

      Without knowing the inside details, I have to imagine that the sticking details are about intellectual property rights, since most of Saab tech is now pretty intertwined with GM.

    • Snarkysnake says:

      Reasonable price ? A “reasonable” price for Saab would be , um ,nothing. The company has never made a cent for any of it’s owners.The “deals” that have been offered to GM have essentially been a buy now/ pay later arrangement that had GM financing the purchase price plus start up capital (and remaining inventory) for the new owners. GM has done Saab a favor by keeping it alive this long in the vain attempt to find a buyer that can pay for it. I’m no fan of GM,and I believe that they have done a poor job with this brand,but NOBODY would have made Saab viable over the long run. It’s superflous. It’s neither fish nor fowl: Not really a premium car,too expensive for a first or second purchase.

      GM has more ego and arrogance than you can stuff into an Escalade,but fair’s fair- They did about as well as possible with Saab.

  4. PanCake BuTT says:

    Damn you Saab h8r’s !! Saab is an awesome, progressive and unique car maker. Jerry Seinfeld drove one in his TV series. If I had enough cheddar I would jump on Ebay and cop a 9-3 Aero.

    Death to the GM dancers ! NOT Saab in the U.S.

  5. larkknot says:

    It just makes no common sense for them to let the brand die instead of accepting ANY offer for it. It’s better to sell something at a loss than to not sell it at all.

    • Chmeeee says:

      It’s not quite that simple though. Any buyer is going to need to come to an agreement with GM to continue producing Saabs until they have time to design new ones, unless the buyer somehow already had cars ready to go (definitely not true of Spyker). I have to imagine that such agreements are rather complicated.

      I’m holding out hope though, because I love me some Saabs.

  6. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    Hopefully, GM will actually use some common sense and take whatever they can get for Saab.

    Did you ever go to a flea market or a yard sale, and the seller holds up something they don’t want at all and offers to give it away? They unsuccessfully try to unload some worthless bauble they got for Christmas 10 years ago on dozens of people who won’t even take it for free.

    And then someone finally comes over and shows an interest, and all of a sudden the price is now $20? Yeah, that’s GM. It’s worthless and hasn’t had any value to you in 10 years. Sell it for whatever you can get and be done with it. Maybe there is somebody out there who wants it and can actually do something with it. It’s only worth what somebody is willing to pay, so take what you can get and be done with it.

  7. Squeezer says:

    You buy one, and then you Saab…

  8. Nick says:

    General Motors is incapable of doing anything right.

    • TechnoDestructo says:

      I’d disagree, but they have managed to fuck up most of the things they’ve done right, by letting the things they’ve done wrong contaminate them, through badge-engineering. They let cars like the Grand Am and Cavalier contaminate other brands, so you’ve got people saying “I’ll never buy another Pontiac/Chevy/Cadillac/Whatever,” when those brands also had cars that could have won them lifetime customers. And then you’ve got Buick that had almost nothing but W-platform cars, getting an almost completely good reputation. This went on for a decade and GM still doesn’t seem to have caught on.

      People saying “don’t buy a Saab!” as though all the important parts aren’t shared with other cars and serviceable at other dealers is a symptom of them selling cars based on brands rather than platforms. Most people aren’t aware of the relationships between GM models…they think in the boxes that GM purposely built, and now all it does is hurt GM.

      Just because every dealer just HAD to have a car that would compete in every category.

  9. phonic says:

    Everyone talking crap about Saab needs to realize that before GM took them over, they were an awesome car. It was GM who destroyed them. I’ve owned 3 myself, and including my parents from when I was a kid, we’ve owned 6. I still have one too. Starting in 1999, when GM bought them outright, it’s been downhill ever since. I was hoping that Sweden would take them back over to resurrect the ‘old Saab’, but I would still be happy with Spyker.

    But Saab still has a loyal following.

    Good luck Spyker.

    • Chmeeee says:

      If GM hadn’t bought out Saab, they would have died about 15 years ago. When GM took over, Saab had two cars. One was essentially a rebadged Alfa (9000) and one was based on a 20+ year old chassis. The 900 was an awesome car in it’s day, but it was WAAAY out of date by the 90s. They had nothing in the pipeline to replace their fleet.

    • Toscha says:

      Agreed. GM ran Saab into the ground, just like Olds, Pontiac, and Saturn.. A Saab without GM could be a beautiful and unique brand once again. Hopefully, if Saab does indeed pull through, we will see no more Saabarus and Trollblazers in the production run.

  10. Blueskylaw says:

    Huzzah, this turn of events should help bring the price of GM’s stock up.

    Ohh wait, they went bankrupt and don’t have stock anymore because of their
    previous business decisions.

  11. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    I think it’s too late. After GM bought Saab, the cars weren’t “Saab” anymore. They were just re-badged GM cars. Even if Spyker were to buy Saab, what next? Would that mean they would simply continue to sell re-badged GM cars? Or will they design and build new Saab models from scratch?

  12. jp7570-2 says:

    GM’s “design” killed what was left of Saab, so it is no wonder they failed in the marketplace these last few years. The dealer network was spotty but available if you lived near a big city or in the northeast.

    You would think GM would take a reasonable price for this rather than simply toss it aside.
    I hope the Spyker deal goes through and they reinvigorate Saab and make it a truly competitive alternative.

  13. RandomHookup says:

    Saab: Hey, I’m not dead yet.