Anchor Bay Trusts Customer, Makes Up For Missing Disc

Last Christmas, Steve bought his wife a copy of “Evil Dead,” Ultimate Edition, published by Anchor Bay Entertainment. The set was missing a disc, and Anchor Bay never followed up on his initial e-mail. At the beginning of December, almost a year later, he contacted the company again, and they did a fantastic job making up for the original missed email.

Last Christmas, I purchased the Evil Dead Ultimate Edition for my wife from Best Buy (she’s a huge Sam Raimi fan). When she opened it, it was missing one of the three disks in the set (even though it was shrink wrapped). No problem, we thought…we’ll just exchange it with another one at Best Buy. Strangely, Best Buy claimed it wasn’t their problem and sent us to Anchor Bay, the publisher of the set. My wife sent an e-mail to Anchor Bay, but received no reply.

We resolved to never consider anything published by Anchor Bay again and avoid Best Buy as much as possible anyway.

Fast forward to the beginning of December when she mentioned the missing disk again. I thought, what the heck, and sent an e-mail to Anchor Bay explaining the situation, and asking them how I could get just a copy of the missing disk. I included my address and e-mail address and figured they’d get back to me with some way to order parts of the set at a reduced cost.

I was wrong.

Instead, I had a FedEx delivery envelope sitting on my porch, with a full boxed set (all three disks) inside. Nothing else. No bill, no “fill out this form and we’ll get back to you”, nothing. I’d like to say thanks to Anchor Bay…this was by far the cleanest customer service experience I’ve seen in years. Thanks for trusting your customers, instead of treating them criminals (like so many other companies).