Anchor Bay Trusts Customer, Makes Up For Missing Disc

Last Christmas, Steve bought his wife a copy of “Evil Dead,” Ultimate Edition, published by Anchor Bay Entertainment. The set was missing a disc, and Anchor Bay never followed up on his initial e-mail. At the beginning of December, almost a year later, he contacted the company again, and they did a fantastic job making up for the original missed email.

Last Christmas, I purchased the Evil Dead Ultimate Edition for my wife from Best Buy (she’s a huge Sam Raimi fan). When she opened it, it was missing one of the three disks in the set (even though it was shrink wrapped). No problem, we thought…we’ll just exchange it with another one at Best Buy. Strangely, Best Buy claimed it wasn’t their problem and sent us to Anchor Bay, the publisher of the set. My wife sent an e-mail to Anchor Bay, but received no reply.

We resolved to never consider anything published by Anchor Bay again and avoid Best Buy as much as possible anyway.

Fast forward to the beginning of December when she mentioned the missing disk again. I thought, what the heck, and sent an e-mail to Anchor Bay explaining the situation, and asking them how I could get just a copy of the missing disk. I included my address and e-mail address and figured they’d get back to me with some way to order parts of the set at a reduced cost.

I was wrong.

Instead, I had a FedEx delivery envelope sitting on my porch, with a full boxed set (all three disks) inside. Nothing else. No bill, no “fill out this form and we’ll get back to you”, nothing. I’d like to say thanks to Anchor Bay…this was by far the cleanest customer service experience I’ve seen in years. Thanks for trusting your customers, instead of treating them criminals (like so many other companies).


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  1. coren says:

    In a shocking move, BB was of no help (and they could have stepped in here, don’t doubt that – it wouldn’t be the first time an item out of the box was not as it should have been *coughliteralbrickharddrivecough*)

    • ShadowFalls says:

      Best Buy is ultimately responsibly, it is disappointing they did not press the matter further. Best Buy sold the incomplete product to you, not Anchor Bay. Anchor Bay is the one who sold the product to Best Buy. In this situation Anchor Bay was only really responsible to Best Buy as they did not have a business relationship to Steve here. This whole matter really deemed chargeback material.

      Next time you buy a product from a store and something is missing at that store says it isn’t their problem, ask them who you bought the product from, them or the manufacturer?

  2. SPIDERone says:

    I also have to give kudos to Anchor Bay –

    I picked up the Masters of Horror – Season 1 DVD Boxset when it first came out (something like 14 or 15 discs). Each disc was inside one of those thin cardboard CD cases, and they just bounced around all over in the box. One of the discs was badly scratched so I went back to BestBuy for an exchange. I did the exchange without any problems and opened it at the front counter (I knew all discs but one from my set were fine – I just wanted the 1 disc replaced (rather than dealing with one of the others possibly being damaged in the new set)). So we look through the set and the same disc is terribly scratched. The BestBuy rep grabbed another set and opened it – same issue. I decided to keep the least-scratched discs (which was still quite scratched) and contacted Anchor Bay. I didn’t get any response back, but within about a week or two, a brand new copy of the movie showed up (in its original case – the one prior to the repackaging in the season boxset). Great experience and I’m glad they stand by their products.

  3. Wombatish says:

    I realize the OP knows this, but I swear some people don’t:

    This just in: Stores have shrink-wrap machines. It is -in no way- foolproof!

    Unless you have a manufacturer who uses printed shrink-wrap or shrink-wrap combined with stickers, OR you have a store with the lesser quality shrink-wrap and you know/notice that, anything is shrink-wrappable, including often, employees returns to other stores/personal belongings :P But that’s another story all together.

    • Brain.wav says:

      In my experience, the store’s shrink wrap machine is typically different than what manufacturers use. Stores have much less volume, so there’s no automation, thus more imperfections. At Blockbuster, we had a big roll with a heated cutter, and a heatgun.

      • Brain.wav says:

        Actually, maybe I should’ve finished reading your post first… yeah…

      • Wombatish says:

        At Wal-mart they have the same heat gun and roll in the customer service department and electronics for fixing the shrink wrap on items who’s manufacturer wrap is torn or damaged in transit/in store (or at least they did at the Wal-mart right by where I used to work ((where my less-scrupulous co-workers returned many an item illegitimately)) and the one where a friend worked), so it’s very possible to get something legitimately wrapped in the crappier wrap, and return it in that condition, without even having to just hope someone doesn’t notice.

        And the one time I have ever asked to have something shrink wrapped on demand was at a Wizards of the Coast and they had the full-weight stuff, for whatever reason. I think it just varies chain to chain/store to store. I wouldn’t think the heat gun could handle the thicker stuff, but it did just fine.

        Gamestop is cheap, we had the flimsy crap. Same with the bookstore I worked at for a very short period of time.

        • Wombatish says:

          Beh, I saw your second comment, I’m not trying to be snotty D: Just expanding/providing some examples/lamenting Wal-mart returns. They do the “no receipt we just take down your DL info and keep ‘points’ against it” returns, and hardly anyone ever bothered to enter the points…. they lose a lot of money that way, but it is nice the one time you legitimately need it.

  4. egoods says:

    Anchor Bay rules, not just because they’re HQ is in my hometown and a really good friend works there. But they also have the best B-C list movies out there, really fun stuff.

  5. FS1 says:

    It is great to see awesome customer service. I’ve had similar results with Amazon on missing discs and duplicated discs in box sets.

    From the retailer side of things, however, I can understand why some treat customers as “criminals.” The amount of people trying to make fraudulent returns is quite high. Not just the people who are criminals, but the little old lady down the block, the charming housewife with kids, the retired gentleman, etc. I’ve seen so many people try to return old items, used items, items we never carried, bargain/discounted items represented as full price items, and on and on.

    It is probably easier for Anchor Bay to fulfill the good customer service as a lot of the fraudulent return types will go to Best Buy and try to con their way to a new DVD set, but fewer of them will write Anchor Bay and try to get something out of them.

  6. Destructofish says:

    I ran into an Anchor Bay employee a few years ago at a convention in the Chicagoland area. All it took was a “You know, I really liked “Man with a Screaming Brain”, but I can’t find it in any stores…” to get a free copy mailed to my house, along with a movie poster (full sized) sent to my address.

    Needless to say I was impressed.

  7. rwalford79 says:

    This is great and really bad customer service.

    Great they got their disc, in a full set replacement

    Bad that Anchor Bay said NOTHING to let them know, NOTHING for a year, and in no way responded to the email or concern other then shipping them the discs…

    Oh well, at least the problem is resolved.

    • MikeB says:

      Was going to post the same thing. Give them points for the issue being resolved, but subtract points for lack of communication. Mistakes happen and things do fall through the cracks, after the 2nd email, a we apologize for dropping the ball, and are sending you a replacement would have been good.

  8. Ben From Ken says:

    I had a similar problem with my Anchor Bay Special Edition of ‘Heathers’; the disc was included in the package but there was no data on the DVD. I contacted the company via e-mail this past spring and have yet to hear a response. I guess I just have to keep at until I get some sort of response.

  9. qoppa says:

    About four years ago, I had a somewhat similar experience with Anchor Bay. One of my discs from them suddenly stopped working but was unscratched. I contacted them via email to find inquire about replacing the disc only, but never heard anything back. About six months later, A new copy of that movie showed up. Very bizarre customer service.

  10. DirectMailFan says:

    I think they just didn’t want to chance you sending them a copy of the Sumerian Book of the Dead.

  11. catkins says:

    Alternate headline: we found a girl who likes the “Evil Dead Ultimate Edition” movie!