Christmas Light Shortage Sweeps The Nation

Maybe there is no such thing as Christmas retreat. Maybe there’s just a light shortage. News outlets across the country have reported on a shortage of strings of lights. Somewhere, Clark Griswold weeps.

Consumerist readers everywhere, from Los Angeles to Chicago to Pittsburgh, have written in about their own searches for lights. The shortage hasn’t escaped the notice of national chains like Home Depot.

“It seems people want to get out there and be festive and decorate for the holidays,” said Home Depot spokeswoman Jen King. The popularity of the LED lights also have prompted additional interest in holiday decorating.

Are retailers over-cautious with their inventory in a recession, or have stores simply sold out of the lights that they put out on shelves back in September?

Stores Selling Out Of Lights This Holiday Season [KDKA] (Thanks, Karla!)
Christmas lights in short supply on suburban shelves [Daily Herald]

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