Operation Chokehold: AT&T Users To Protest Slow Network By Simultaneously Running Data-Intensive Apps This Friday, 3pm Eastern

Sick of AT&T’s unreliability and dropped calls, participants in this Friday’s “Operation Chokehold” are plotting an act of consumer disobedience to bring the network “to its knees.”

Launched by a battle-cry from Fake Steve Jobs, the mission is to get as many iPhone users as possible to simultaneously turn on a data-intensive app and run it for a one hour.

The digital disobedience starts at 3pm eastern, noon pacific, this Friday, Dec 18th.

A Facebook group has formed to organize the protest and share recommendations for maximum effect.

AT&T dismissed the plan as the work of crackpots, saying, “We understand that fakesteve.net is primarily a satirical forum, but there is nothing amusing about advocating that customers attempt to deliberately degrade service on a network that provides critical communications services for more than 80 million customers. We know that the vast majority of customers will see this action for what it is: an irresponsible and pointless scheme to draw attention to a blog.”

All I know is that sometimes I’m in the middle of what should be one of the most covered cities, New York, and I can’t get a signal. Whether the fault is the phone or the network or both, the service quality is unacceptable for such an expensive and hyped device.

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