McDonald's To Offer Free Wifi

What goes better with greasy fries and corn syrupy sodas than delicate electronic equipment? McDonald’s announced today that they plan to roll out free wi-fi in their outlets that currently offer it for a fee. The goal is to make their restaurants more amenable to people hanging out, and gobble up more of Starbucks’ share of the latte-sipping market.

McDonald’s had charged a $2.95 fee for two hours of wireless Internet access at 11,000 of its 14,000 U.S. locations. Now the company will scrap that fee beginning in the middle of January, said McDonald’s USA chief information officer David Grooms.

The move is part of McDonald’s latest efforts to boost its McCafe coffee drinks — and to take on Starbucks. McDonald’s plans to start selling drinks like frappes and smoothies by the middle of 2010, the report said. The fast-food chain in September said it aims to become the No. 1 coffee store in Europe, a position now held by Starbucks.

Would you spend a leisurely afternoon at McDonald’s reading Consumerist and sipping McCafes?

McDonald’s to offer free Wi-Fi [MSN Money] (Thanks, Cara!)

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