Svedka Can See The Future: Fortunately, It Has Vodka

This liquor store is a very forward-thinking establishment. So forward thinking, in fact, that it has looked twenty-four years into the future to tell us what the top vodka of 2033 C.E. will be. It will be Svedka.

That’s all very well and good. Now can you guys tell us who wins the World Series and the Kentucky Derby? (Thanks, Andrew!)

Update: Apparently, this slogan comes from a futuristic Svedka ad campaign, but is incredibly confusing to customers who aren’t familiar with said campaign.



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  1. hound29 says:

    That has always been the Svedka advertising campaign, not the liquor store…granted I don’t exactly get the campaign but it has been for at least a year or two now…

  2. admiral_stabbin says:

    It looks like they’ve managed to keep inflation in-check too. Guess I can shut down my still now, as I ain’t gonna be retirin’ on 2009 money!

  3. KyleOrton says:

    It’s your kids, Marty, they love Svedka vodka! Something has got to be done about your kids!

  4. RPHP says:

    I think this is generally part of Svedka’s marketing (ie I think I have seen this marketing in multiple places). I guess they are saying they are the Vodka of the future or the vodka that will be most popular in the future.

  5. 339point4 says:

    maybe it’s #1 out of 2033 different vodkas?

  6. Kishi says:

    This isn’t anything to do with the store- this slogan has been Svedka’s stupid ad campaign for years now.

  7. mobiuschic42 says:

    I think this slogan is based on a Svedka ad campaign where they have robots and such drinking the Vodka…taking it out of context is silly, but it’s not completely crazy. Here’s an example of one of the ads:
    It’s also a pretty weird campaign, and I raised my eyebrows at it the first time I saw it.

  8. PanCake BuTT says:

    I think this ad might be in touch with Svedka and their commercials. Don’t they have some futuristic, robot spokes thing peddling their stuff ?

    I hope all the wino’s and alchy’s come out of the wood works on this one, preferably noting which vodka is their favorite(best). I love 42 Below’s Feijoa vodka. Super smooth, and gr8 with mix drinks.

    Bottoms up!

  9. Corydon says:

    I’m just glad I’ll have the bliss of sweet, sweet alcohol to help forget the horror of the upcoming zombie apocalypse.

  10. ubermex says:

    Svedka has actually based their whole ad campaign on futurism. Lots of robots and stuff. This is intentional.

    • diasdiem says:

      You would have thought they’d use advertisements that looked a bit more futuristic than what you could whip up with 10 minutes at a Kinko’s

  11. halothane says:

    The “#1 Vodka of 2033” has been Svedka’s advertising pitch since late 2005.

    • StatusfriedCrustomer says:

      You mean: The “#1 Vodka of 2033” has been Svedka’s advertising pitch since late 2035 :)

  12. jaydez860 says:

    I got this stuff once as a gift in 2005. The advertising slogan was the same… and it was pretty nasty tasting.

  13. Downfall says:

    Apparently, you’re looking ten years in the future, when 2033 will be fourteen years away.

    • Tied To The Whippin' Post says:

      Was wondering when someone was going to notice the mathematical error (2033 – 2009 = 24 not 14). Maybe Laura has finally been overcome with all those “save $xxx” sale signs that show a higher sale price then the regular non-sale price?

  14. oblivious87 says:

    “So forward thinking, in fact, that it has looked fourteen years into the future to tell us what the top vodka of 2033 C.E. will be.”

    Math fail much??

  15. chtrich says:

    Wouldn’t that be 24 years into the future?

  16. Kuchen says:

    “This liquor store is a very forward-thinking establishment. So forward thinking, in fact, that it has looked fourteen years into the future to tell us what the top vodka of 2033 C.E. will be. It will be Svedka.”

    2033 is only 14 years away?! Where did the time go?

  17. Paladin_11 says:

    This will go perfectly with my dinner from Taco Bell. As everyone knows, all restaurants in the future will be Taco Bell.

  18. leprofie says:

    That’s actually a good price. I pay a few dollars more than that when it is on sale around me.

  19. mac-phisto says:

    intentional or not, there’s better vodka for the same price. svedka isn’t bad, so long as you like your vodka to taste like a still & enjoy the feeling that your brain is 2x bigger than your skull the next morning.

    try exclusiv – much smoother; same price. (full disclosure: i don’t work for anyone in the booze industry, i just drink enough cheap-ass vodka to know).

  20. glp1233 says:

    Actually, it’s a good decent vodka at a decent price. Especially good for mixed drinks. Actually, isn’t the future now … no, now … no, now!

  21. tbax929 says:

    I’m happy to know there will still be vodka in the future. I’m sure we’ll need it! I don’t want to exist in a world that doesn’t have vodka, even cheap vodka.

  22. friday3 says:

    What are the elements of a good advertising campaign? I think this hits the nail on the head. The OP mentioned it, and probably thought it was odd. You posted it here, People will come into the liquor store and ask the question. Seems like very effective marketing and advertising campaign.

  23. H3ion says:

    Actually it’s a street address. Svedka was voted the #1 vodka of 2033 Fifth Avenue. Just like muscatel was voted the number one drink at Farragut Square.

  24. Crovie says:

    Good golly that’s cheap vodka. You’d be lucky to get a handle of toilet water for $20 here in BC :(

  25. bunnymen says:

    I love Stoli. I tolerate Smirnoff. Svedka is just Krakov in a glass bottle, imo.

  26. Mr_D says:

    It’s not quite good enough to drink straight, but for a mixer, Svedka is pretty damn good. A far sight better than Smirnoff.

    And am I imagining things, or did they have an “I, Robot” movie tie-in? I remember seeing those robots on the displays way after the movie came out.

  27. thisistobehelpful says:

    Actually it’s not bad vodka. Grey Goose and Stoli are still my faves. In 2033 someone better have invented real soma though.

    • pop top says:

      If you like Grey Goose you should try Ciroc. Techincally it’s an eau de vie, but it’s fucking delicious.

  28. !caybay says:

    I saw this vodka for the first time recently when I went down the US with a bunch of Swedes, and they laughed so hard because it says imported from Sweden but according to them they’ve never seen that vodka in Sweden at all. So they’re making up being a Swedish import? I don’t really understand that.

    • pop top says:

      Maybe it counts as an import because it’s made in Sweden? It might not have to be sold in a country to count as an import from it.

  29. PhilFR says:

    Hey, I’m just happy for anything that tells me we live past 2012! :-)

    Honestly, I think Svedka is a very decent vodka for the price. Many are much too expensive for a liquor that’s not supposed to have much of a taste. (I’m looking at you, Belvedere!)

  30. P_Smith says:

    It’s good to know that Ms. Northrup lives in the real world, using CE and not AD.

  31. _hi_ says:

    If it wasn’t true the text would erase itself.

    Jennifer: Excuse me, Doc Brown. I brought this message back from the future and, well, now it’s erased.
    Doc: Of course it’s erased.
    Jennifer: But what does that mean?
    Doc: It means your futures haven’t been written yet. No one’s has. So make it a good one, the both of you.

  32. JulesNoctambule says:

    Thanks for the laugh — I really needed it today.