Walmart Accidentally Sells All-Nude Beefcake Calendar Online

A woman in Phoenix was shopping for travel calendars on when she came upon one called “All About the Boys 2010.” It wasn’t so much about travel as it was about fully nude models of a European porn company, which didn’t sit well with Wendy McNaughton.

What McNaughton should have done at that point was screencap the listing and send it directly to tips@consumerist so we could giggle over it. Instead, she called her local news station and complained about selling “kiddie porn.” Fortunately, the KPHO team–who note that the models are all over 18–did the right thing and showed pictures of the calendar to unsuspecting locals for their opinion, which is fun to watch.

Walmart says it was displayed “due to an error” and was never meant to be listed for sale, and that they yanked it shortly after they saw the calendar.

By the way, online competitor Amazon will gladly sell it to you if you “enjoy travel.” Note that although they blur out the explicit parts of the photos, it’s still pretty clear what you’re staring at, perv.

“Walmart Pulls Questionable Calendar” [KPHO] (Thanks to Nicole!)

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