DragonCon Kicks "Looking For Group" Booth Because DragonCon Was Rude To Them

The staff of the annual DragonCon fantasy gaming convention seem to have decided to roleplay as Level 55 Lesser Jerks. Popular RPG parody webcomic “Looking For Group” says they’re not invited back this year because last year DragonCon staff moved their booth to a crappy part of the hall without notice, and then the staff were rude about it. Here’s the story of The Quest For The Steaming Brown Pile Of Subhuman Customer Service Goo Epic Fail:

LFG wrote on their blog: “Upon getting to the show, however, someone had setup in our space. Confused, we asked the hall attendants what was going on, and were rudely informed that our booth had been moved.

When I inquired as to where, I was shown the furthest and poorly lit section of the room, with a giant pillar intersecting the middle of the booth.

…Despite the fact that I had announced where we were setup weeks leading up to the show, I would’ve been fine if we were moved to a location similar to the one we lost. But this was unacceptable.

The attendants, once again, were rude and told our crew that we could take the new spot or we could go home. This wasn’t their problem.

…A couple hours later, we sat on the carpet waiting, a minor functionary came downstairs and repeated what the attendants had told us. Again, I asked if there was anyone else I could talk to.

…An hour later, one of the board members of the show came down to talk with us.

He apologized for the situation, note that this was the first apology we had received thus far, and inquired what could to be done to make things right. In the end, he generously offered to repay us for the booth, but still allow us to use. It was a good solution, we shook hands and all was well.

..Usually how this works, is at the end of a show, you sign for the next one, and a few weeks later you receive an invoice. A month passed, and we had yet to receive a single thing.

Wanting to make sure everything was fine, Randy began calling them. For 6 weeks Randy called, at least 3 times per week leaving messages for everyone. No one called us back.

Finally, we reached someone, and were told that we were not invited back to DragonCon because of the incident.

…As for DragonCon, I will do my best to ensure that this story gets out, so others don’t share our fate.”

DragonCon should cast a Spell of Contrition on themselves.

Booted from DragonCon [Looking For Group] (Thanks to Lina!)

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