Chase Executive Customer Service Drops APR From 26% To 9%

Crippled by a high interest rate that ate up his monthly payments with finance charges, reader Eric says he used the patented executive customer service technique on Chase to get his APR reduced from 26% to 9% and 3 months of fees refunded. Here’s his story:

Executive customer service is a group a high-powered problem solvers that are attached to the executive office of most major corporations. Their contact information is never publicly posted but escalating to them can get some of the most intractable problems resolved.

Eric writes: “I have a credit card through Chase and an extremely high APR on 26%. Having recently graduated from college and just now finding active employment I was barely able to make the minimum payments each month. With that high of an APR, my payments on my high balance did next to nothing– the finance charge essentially killed them.

I contacted Chase customer service and was told there was nothing they could do.

After this conversation, I loaded up firefox and found the executive contact information for Chase on the Consumerist. I sent them an e-mail and received a call back within days from a service rep. The rep discussed the matter with me patiently and said they would call back within the hour. An hour later they called to inform me that my APR would be frozen to 9% for a year, and three months of finance charges would be credited to my account. I thanked them immediately for being so understanding and willing to work with me in this economy, and hung up a very satisfied customer.

I logged on to my account the next day and the changes were immediately made to my account.

Thank you so much for the information and articles you post on the Consumerist. Had I not read the exec-email-carpet-bomb email page, nor found Chase’s contact info I would not have been able to remedy this situation.

Keep up the great work!

– Eric”

Nice one Eric! And for those who wish to follow in his footsteps, here’s a slew of executive customer service agent information for Chase:

888-622-7547 x 4350
847-488-6833, or 888-622-7547 x 6833 – Jessica Pozehl
888-622-7547 x 6164 Sharon
888-622-7547 x 6838 Patrick
713-262-3866, Michelle Crabtree.

Any problem with any other part of the bank should go to this general executive customer service office number: 800-242-7399 (M-F 8:00am-5:00pm CST)


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  1. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    That’s awesome!

  2. HogwartsProfessor says:

    Cool. Talking (politely) to higher-ups really does do the trick. The only sad thing is that you have to go this route in the first place.

    I sometimes feel sorry for CSRs who want to help but can’t. That makes their job more suckish than it already is.

    • zacox says:

      No doubt. There isn’t any amount of cash in the world that would make me want to be a CSR (or telemarketer).

  3. DangerMouth says:

    Why do I half expect to see a post here next month from a Chase Executive CSR who got fired for actually helping someone?

  4. diasdiem says:

    That customer service rep was promptly fired for being too helpful.

  5. LadySiren is murdering her kids with HFCS and processed cheese says:

    “…And what happened then? Well, in Consumerville they say that Chase’s small heart grew three sizes that day.”

    Grats to the OP for getting this resolved in his favor, and doing so politely. It’s nice to see a good Chase experience now and again.

  6. allstar3970 says:

    so the numbers/extensions posted there are only for chase credit cards? I have a debit card problem I’d like to discuss with them should i use the general # posted underneath the specific names?

  7. kubus_gt says:

    Interesting, because Jessica listed in the post is the same person that wouldn’t do a thing, when Chase decided to raise my APR couple months back. This was the blanket raise for all of their accounts. I had to close the account.

  8. paolo says:

    Wow, good for you! I wish all the people on the front lines had the same service given. This is amazing. Does anyone have similar contact information for Bank of America Home Loans? I’m having a very frustrating time dealing with their first line customer service representatives.

  9. Norskman says:

    I’d be interested in that email address as I have a similar issue to deal with. I can’t seem to find the email address, just the phone numbers.

  10. delvalle says:

    can anyone help me with Citi’s executive customer service? i haven’t been able to find it.

    thanks, !

  11. G00MAN says:

    Eric’s story is great! Mine’s a little off topic, but also in praise of Chase:
    I received a robo-call from Chase 2 weeks ago regarding fraudulent use of my credit card. I hung up in case it was some sort of scam and called them using the phone number on the back of the card. They confirmed the fraud allegation and read back a list of recent charges, sure enough there were charges I didn’t make. The card was cancelled right then and replacement cards were received in a matter of days. I am impressed they were proactive in helping me.

  12. Jons_Junk says:

    Speaking of Chase … Their Ultimare Rewards program offers all sorts of ways to redeem your points. But 2,500 points always equals a $25 gift, whether it’s a gift card or credit for travel. You can also redeem 2,500 points for a $25 credit on your account. I wonder why anyone would redeem the points for anything other than a $25 credit!? Isn’t the credit/cash much more flexible. You’re not locked into a single vendor or product. And it never expires. Just curious.

  13. bigsss says:

    I had a similar problem. I make my payments automatically thru my online credit union. I was making the same payment amount for about 3 months. Since I signed up for online statements, I naturally made another payment in the amount as the previous month’s. In September, I look online and I notice my APR at 29.90% and I was 2 months behind. I called Universal Card right away and the cust rep assured me as long as I make the catchup payment of $29.90, everything would be OK. I immediately made it and checked the next day. The payment didn’t post so I was told to waint until Monday. I called on Monday and the cust rep told me that they could not do anything to lower my APR. I had to make a payment of close to $800 with the new rate. In addition to that, they also charged me a late fee of $35 because I only made the $29.90 makeup payment. I was pissed as you can bet. I was then told that since I was reviewed for a lower rate in January 2009, I would have to wait until December to ask for a review to have my rate adjusted. I emailed the CEO, CFO, and executive complaint board but received no response. I hope that someone from Chase will read this email and take some action

  14. AlessandroMachi says:

    Um, Hello Chase, I have a connection at the consumerist, will you work with me?

    Well of course we will. Here at Chase, anyone with a connection to the media gets helped.

    It’s the other 100 million suckers we won’t help.

  15. mauve says:

    Actually, even without Exec customer service, I’ve had an excellent time with Chase.

    – I once got a mailing talking about raising my APR to 29.99% – I blacked out a little and then called the number on my card. I was assured that that was their new default rate. I hung up, not very assured, but when I checked my interest rate the next time, it had dropped from 19.99% to 14.99% – without a request by me. (Yes, I know those are high)

    – It seems that whenever I check it (every 3-6 months), it has dropped another few % points

    – I emailed them through their standard web form to request them tell me the phone number for my payment protection plan so that I could cancel it (I was carrying a balance and in fear of being laid off for a while). They responded with the phone number AND having cancelled it for me AND credited the previous payment for it to my account – within 2 hours.

    I know there are a lot of complaints about Chase raising interest rates for no reason and lowering credit limits, but I’ve had my interest rates being lowered without me complaining plus my credit limit remaining where it was – and have never had to use alternate means for customer service!

  16. Fuzzy_duffel_bag says:

    I just called one of these numbers about my 24% rate. The best they could do is put a 9.9% rate on my present balance for a year. They said they gave me 2 chances to opt out and cancel the card, but my choice is to not have a card for emergencies, or to have a card with a ridiculous rate.

  17. Jasmine says:

    I know I’m commenting on an ‘old’ post but from what I can tell, this post is one of the more important ones, one which, I think, people will continually reference or discover as they look for ways to lessen their credit card debt. I think my experience might help other people.

    I called the first number listed on the posting: 888-622-7547 x 4350. I spoke with a Jessica but I didn’t catch her last name so I don’t know if it’s the Jessica Pozehl listed in the post.

    I have 2 credit cards with Chase. One card has an APR of a little over 27% and the other, a little over 28%. As you can imagine, it’s insane. I haven’t used either card in years, I haven’t even activated the new ones the sent because I honestly can’t use something that will cost me so much more in the long run. My total balance on both cards is about $4400 so not a ‘huge’ number but the APR makes it even worse.

    I briefly told Jessica that I wanted to lower my APR rates because they were just too high for me. She told me that while she couldn’t permanently lower the rates, she could hold the cards at a rate of 15.99% for 12 months, after which they would revert back to their originally rates.

    FYI for people who don’t know like me but apparently, Chase reviews credit accounts every 3 months, taking into account payments and credit scores to see if the APR is worth lowering.

    15.99% is still pretty high but a lot better than where I was. There was no hassling or negotiating with her – I asked and she said she could put the hold immediately. It will ultimately take 72 hours for the hold to take effect but she said I should see the difference by the next billing cycle.

    Overall, I am very pleased with Chase’s executive CS. For a long time, I absolutely HATED Chase Bank. I’m now thinking they might be ok.

    I understand the hold is only for 12 months so I won’t be scaling back my current payments. It’s just good to know that at least the payments that I am making will actually put a dent on my debt.