Who Is This BNE Guy Putting Stickers Everywhere?

Who is BNE? Why are cities of the world covered in stickers bearing the graffiti artist’s initials? And why is McDonald’s his biggest rival?

“While in Japan, I suddenly realized that other graffiti writers weren’t my competition, it was corporations,” says graffiti artist. “Their ability to blanket the streets with advertisements is unparalleled, although it cost them a lot more than my campaign.”

The first ever showing of his work this Thursday in NYC may answer none of these questions, but I’ll be there anyway trying to figure it out. Look for an exclusive interview with BNE on Consumerist later this week.

BNE Show
Thursday, December 10th 7-11pm
Location: secret future House of Mother location in Hell’s Kitchen, New York

BNE Exhibit 12.10.09 [ANIMAL]

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