What Happens When You Put A Tag Cloud On Your Customer Support Forum…

…is that the conversational threads become very apparent. Full version inside of the Newegg forums screengrab.


[via Reddit]


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  1. Darrone says:

    Nothing wrong with a little bit of honesty… Newegg has a great return process and support. No matter how good you are, you’ll never make everyone happy.

    • Rectilinear Propagation says:

      Yeah, but you have to think about how new/potential customers will see this. They won’t say, “Oh well, can’t make everyone happy” they’ll say, “Jeez, one of the most popular tags is ‘disappointed’? I’m going elsewhere!”

      • Darrone says:

        Don’t get me wrong, its a terrible idea to put it there. I just don’t think this reflects an issue with newegg CS so much as Newegg web dev team.

        • Xero says:

          Bad idea: yes. But with a very small bit of research, any potential customer might find that NewEgg has superb customer service and products. But as always, people are going to bitch about a bad experience 9/10 before they praise a good one.

    • Kitamura says:

      I think the problem here is these are the “most popular” tags. If I go some place and see that the biggest topics are how much someone sucks, you can be sure I’m going to rethink buying from that place.

      I think the problem is on a “customer service” forum, you get all the people who are having problems. Clearly the people who were satisfied aren’t going around writing about how wonderful their experience was because they’re satisfied, thus aren’t looking for customer service and support.

  2. Kid Awesome says:

    People, my self included at times, sure do like to complain. Perspective, always keep it in perspective.

  3. The Cheat says:

    Worst experience I’ve ever had with Newegg has been returning a $40 motherboard that was defective and them not receiving it for some reason. I’ve bought many thousands of dollars of equipment from them over the years.

    For the most part, I don’t bother to comparison shop for prices since they are almost always the lowest.

  4. Etoiles says:

    Well, how often do you go to a company’s customer support forum when your transaction was hunky-dory and you don’t need to escalate?

  5. cynical_reincarnation says:

    People do not usually contact customer care to express how happy they are with how everything went perfectly.

  6. justsomeotherguy says:

    LOL at the tags… but seriously newegg is hands down just the best out there. They just do everything right and work hard to give the customer the best experience possible. Competitive pricing, no sales tax, good shipping, great return policy, no dicking around, customer reviews… They are just the best. Dealing with newegg is basically the opposite of the horror stories we read here daily. The difference is they care and are able to manifest that caring into a positive customer experience.

    I remember i once decided to not order from newegg… I ordered from monarch… the charged my card… then decided the billing was wrong… didnt process my order… sold the board i wanted out from under me… then held onto my money for 2 months… I was lucky to even get my money back. Monarch went out of business afew months later…

    • mattisimo says:

      Same fantastic experiences with Newegg here as well; I’ve never been less than pleased with the shopping/purchasing experience and, when needed, the return/RMA process has been painless compared to other online retailers, heck, even some of the brick and mortars.

      Methinks Newegg is in the ‘consumerist crosshairs’ based on the piece that ran last week where the editorial print supported the OP lying to facilitate a questionable LCD TV return. Swipes at Newegg really surprise me, as anecdotal evidence from my friends and I on their site and service is positive.

    • Suttin says:

      You know that your still supposed to pay tax on your purchaces. Its called a use tax.


      You only pay sales tax if a company has a presence in your state.

    • Spinfusor says:

      “no sales tax” Except in California, New Jersey, and Tennessee.
      “good shipping” Their prices aren’t anything special, the return shipping that they try to push people into by saying it’s the cheapest you can get really isn’t, and when I tried to cancel an order right after I placed it, the CSR said it was already shipped and nothing could be done.

  7. gparlett says:

    NewEgg is basically the Bizarro World version of Best Buy and this is simply another example of why they’re one of the best retailers around. Anyone else would be trying to cover this up instead of just putting it out there.

  8. bitslammer says:

    I also think it’s fair to say that people (self included) are far more apt to give feedback on a bad experience then to say “good job” on a customer forum.

    In my own opinion I expect good service from a company when I’m paying them for said goods and/or services. The time where I do give positive feedback is when someone goes “above & beyond” in resolving an issue.

  9. pz says:

    This is not surprising… no one comes to a “support forum” if everything is going fine. People go to a support forum when shit has farked up (which is the vast majority of the time for Newegg).

    Granted, the tag cloud needs to go. It will be misunderstood.

  10. mrstevie says:

    I thought honesty and transparency was a good thing?

    Find a better online retailer. You can try, but Newegg excels where it matters.
    I have 23 pages of orders on my history with them. When you put items in your shopping cart, the last screen before you confirm the order, tells you how long the delivery will take. 95% of what I order from them, ships via UPS ground from 2 states over, and arrives the next day.

    One of the things that makes them different is that they know which distribution center the items will ship from; if the center is local they will tell you 1 day UPS shipping — wonderful to get overnight shipping for the cost of ups ground.

    If I place an order with them by 2:40pm EST, for 1 day ups ground shipping, I’ll have it the next day. I don’t have to worry about it. Pretty cool.

  11. Hogan1 says:

    After 93 orders and $15,000+ of products from Newegg over the years; the only negative experience was a faulty device that they promptly replaced through an RMA.

    Basically people like to complain. A lot. When you put up a customer service forum anywhere you’ll find that the majority of people who feel the need to post have an issue that may need to be resolved and they are not happy about it.

  12. StanTheManDean says:

    Pretty crappy packing from a company “specializing” in electronics.

    That said, at least they don’t jerk you around with out of stock/back-order BS that is common place for small vendors and those with zippo organization skills.

  13. FrankenPC says:

    This is sad. Newegg has the best deals and the greatest online support I’ve ever seen. I think there are a legion of people who would agree with me.

    Now, showing a tag cloud of the universal consumerist “ID” is a freakin bad idea. Seriously. Take it down.