Personal Finance Roundup

Six personal finance books with lasting lessons — even for tots [The Washington Post] “A sampler of books for all ages to whet your personal-finance appetite.”

How Divorce Affects Your Social Security (Or Not) [Wall Street Journal] “Here are the general requirements for collecting retirement benefits based on an ex-spouse’s earnings.”

20 Money-Saving Ways to Reuse Old Pantyhose [Wise Bread] “Here are 20 creative ways to repurpose today’s worn out nylon pantyhose, even if you’re not planning to rob a bank.”

How to give when the giving gets tough [CNN Money] “13 creative ways to maximize your charitable impact without writing a huge check.”

10 Tips for Selling Your Home in the Sluggish Winter Months [US News] “What you need to know to sell your home in the off-season.”

FREE MONEY FINANCE (Photo: Mike Rollerson)