TerraSkin, The Paper Made From Rocks

Terraskin is a paper that is made entirely from rocks and resin. Its production uses neither trees nor water. The rock mainly comes from construction waste material. The resin is mainly post-industrial recycled material.

The site says:

TerraSkin is a combination of large amounts of mineral powder (>75%) with a small quantity (<25%) of non-toxic resin combined to create an environmentally friendly paper.

…Second, as TerraSkin contains high proportions of inorganic mineral powder, when the end user is done with the TerraSkin product, the used paper will degrade back into
mineral powder when left out in nature for approximately three to nine months.

…The Calcium Carbonate mainly comes from waste material of the building and construction industry, such as marble and limestone scraps, which are then ground down to a fine powder like chalk. The [resin] is partly post-industrial recycled, and acts as the binder for the Calcium Carbonate…

…Along with all of these sustainable advantages, TerraSkin also has beautiful printing capabilities and a unique texture and feel. Because the paper is fiberless, it does not absorb ink like regular paper and also uses 20-30% less ink than regular paper. Images stay much crisper and cleaner because the ink doesn’t bleed. TerraSkin is water- resistant and inherently strong and durable.

My fiancee got one of these the other day as a shopping bag. It really works to hold things. I wonder how much it costs.

TerraSkin [Official Site] (Thanks to C-side!)

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