Customer Punches Elderly Walmart Greeter In The Face

It seems that a Pennsylvania man really, really didn’t want to show his receipt at Walmart. So, allegedly, he punched the 72-year-old greeter in the face. Now, the greeter is severely injured and hospitalized, with half of the bones in his face broken.

Police are investigating a report that Jenkins [the greeter] may have asked Washington [the customer] to show his receipt when he left the store earlier this week. Washington told police Jenkins bumped into him, police said.

“He just cold cocked him. He went up there, and there was no, ‘Hey, you.’ He just went up and whacked him,” said North Versailles police Chief James Comunale.

Police said Washington calmly walked away, leaving Jenkins on the ground as if nothing ever happened.

What motive the man may have had for the attack–other than avoiding a receipt check–is unknown.

Sister Talks After Brother, 72, Punched In Face At Walmart [WPXI]

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