Sprint Forcing Customers On Too-Good-To-Be-True Plans To Upgrade

I don’t know how Corey ever managed to secure a monthly plan that only costs $2.50–oh wait, it looks like some old offer Sprint forgot about but some of their customers found. Well, now Sprint knows about it, and they’re not happy. On the bright side, hey, no ETF to worry about if you want to switch carriers, Corey. You can read Sprint’s take-it-or-leave-it offer below.

[Update: I originally used the term “ultra-cheap” in the headline, which led some readers to believe that Sprint was raising prices across the board. That was never my intention, so I’ve changed the headline to make the meaning clearer. In my mind, “ultra-cheap” is not and has never been descriptive of any cell plan the major carriers offer. I’ve never had the benefit of experiencing a SERO plan or employee discount, so it didn’t occur to me that some readers might think they’d be targeted next. My apologies for the confusion.]


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