Canon Is Far, Far Nicer To You Than They Really Need To Be

Reader Kelly writes in to share her positive experience with Canon. She used one of our posts as a guideline before calling in to Canon with an issue with an out-of-warranty printer. Let’s see how it went…

Kelly says:

My mother has a Canon Pixma printer that she bought a year and a half ago, and uses it so much she goes through 4 cartridges a month (2 black, 2 color). She loves it and is dependent upon it for her work. However, the paper feed died a week ago (about 2 months after the warranty ended). She looked up support forums and contacted support, and both she and I did everything we could to try and resolve it. I remembered referencing an article on Consumerist about Canon’s awesome support for cameras (which we used to help us get a point and shoot fixed for no charge), and so looked up Canon printer on Consumerist. I found

I showed my mom the article and the Consumerist site, gave her some tips on talking to the customer service reps (garnered from reading your articles), and voila! The customer rep was patient, helpful, and nice – and is shipping out a replacement printer for free, even though it’s a couple months out of warranty.

Between the camera replacement, the printer replacement, and how much we love our Rebel XT DSLR, Canon has customers for life. I hate my current printer, and I will be buying a new Canon printer in the next month. And I wouldn’t recommend anything else!

So kudos to Consumerist and Canon!


Oh, we love it when a reader is able to replicate an above and beyond story. Yay!

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