Toys R Us Double Charges Black Friday Shoppers

Reader Ken emails to let us know that Toys R Us is experiencing a double billing issue stemming from some sort of glitch on Black Friday. He says a friend just told him she was double charged, and that when she contacted Toys R Us, they told her it was a national problem.

Ken says:

She went to Toys-R-Us for the early deals and was double charged for one item. When she contacted Toy-R-Us she was told this was a national problem, something to do with opening earlier than usual. People should probably check their receipts if they went shopping that day. I hope this information helps someone.

We found an article from a news station in Albany, NY confirming the double-billing issue in at least one store.

From WTEN:

NEWS10 has confirmed the store on Wolf Road in Albany charged some customers double for what they bought, though a spokesperson would not say how many.

NEWS10’s Marie Luby spoke to one of those customers, who says the mishap has turned into a major inconvenience.

“You think you got a great deal and then you find out the repercussions of it, when you go to the bank to deposit your money, and your bank says you don’t have as much money as you thought you did,” says Kathleen Cary. Cary had spent $127.59 at Toys ‘R’ Us, but her credit card was charged twice for the purchase. Turns out it happened to several more customers at the store.

“I knew I was on a tight budget,” Cary says. “That’s why I got up in the middle of the night and went shopping; with the economy you’ve got to try and save a penny.”

Now on top of the extra $127.59 gone from her account, she has $50 in overdrawn fees. “I can’t even go buy a loaf of bread right now, because they shut my account off.”

Toys R Us told the station that they are in the process of reversing the charges. Did this happen to you? Or is it a localized Albany, NY disturbance?

Some Black Friday Toys ‘R’ Us shoppers double charged [WTEN]

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