NewEgg Told Me My HDTV Isn't Broken Enough To Return

Israel says he ordered an HDTV from Newegg and wanted to return it once he discovered it had three dead pixels. In an online chat, a CSR told him the company wouldn’t replace the TV unless there were eight or more dead pixels.

He chose to lie and exaggerate the number of dead pixels in order to get a replacement. Israel writes:

I purchased a 19 inch flat screen from as a Christmas present for my brother who is away at school. I got the screen yesterday via UPS and the first thing I did was to test it in to make sure that everything was working. There are 3 dead pixels in the middle of the screen!! To make things worse, newegg does not replace screens unless there are 8 or more dead pixels! This return policy is ludicrous and I want to make sure that other consumers are aware of this and avoid purchasing these types of items from newegg. If I buy a new screen I expect it to be in 100% working condition and 97.5% is not acceptable. What is newegg thinking? I have only had great experiences doing business with them in the past, but this is the last time I buy anything from them. I had to lie to the CSR and tell her I had 8 pixels in order for here to give me an RMA. Then she warned me that “so you know we made the exception of accepting the item i can not guarantee it will be replaced.”

It wasn’t right of Israel to lie, but NewEgg’s restrictive return policy basically forced his hand. Have you ever fibbed to get your broken product to get a refund or exchange?

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