How To Navigate Our New Site

Thanks for all of the great feedback on our new site! One reason for our redesign was to make it easier for readers to access our archives, and expand the kind of information we can offer. The navbar on every page is our first effort in that direction, and we thought it might be helpful to explain a little bit about what’s behind each button on the bar.

HOME: Um, we’ll skip the explanation on that one. If you’re lost, just, you know, click it.

TOPICS: This is where you can find a lot of our archival content, organized by categories. Want to find all posts about sending an EECB? Now you can, without having to wade through thousands of tags or run a search. We’ve tried to make the Topics intuitive and straightforward, and will refine them as needed to make sure they’re making the site easier to use.

codir.jpgCOMPANY DIRECTORY: We’ve organized this section of the site to make it easier to find information about companies that we cover regularly. For each company, we’ve included a brief profile (courtesy of Wikipedia), and the most recent entries related to that company. One click will get you everything we’ve published about the company. We’ll be adding a lot to the company profiles, including exclusive Consumerist info, like executive email addresses and phone numbers.

ARCHIVES: This is where you can find everything on the site, by tag, date or author. If you’re looking for all posts by a specific author, or want to find something you read during a specific month, you’ll find it here.

flickr.jpgPHOTO GALLERY: We wanted to be able to share more of the great images that readers are adding to our flickr pool, so we made this a permanent part of our navigation. If you like a picture and want to learn more about it, there are links to a detail page here, as well as back to the photo’s flickr page.

SIDEBAR: We’ve tried to include a few useful widgets here, including a Hot Stories box, an expanding Topics menu to make it easier to jump to a specific topic, and an auto-updated list of our most popular posts. We’ll be adding more tools here, and will be refining these to make sure they’re helping you find the right content .

This is just the first step; we’ll be updating the navigation and tools on the site regularly. Let us know what you think, and what you’d like to see next, in the comments.


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  1. karmaghost says:

    Nice to see all the new features and to see the return of the sleuth. I’m not imagining things, right? He used to be around way back in the day?

    • Rectilinear Propagation says:

      I dig the sleuth too (and that he’s walking a cat). You’re not imagining things either, he was there back in the “cancel the account” days.

  2. There's room to move as a fry cook says:

    I like the new design and navigation but would really like the ability to sort comments descending by date and quickly see latest comments without clicking all the way to end.

    • Major Annoyance says:

      Ditto plus… some of the topics have had several hundred comments and having to click through them 50 at a time to get current is a bit much. Perhaps the way it’s done on most froums with the ability to click individual [pages or the last page would help.

    • macoan says:

      At least a way to go to the last page of comments – instead of hitting “newer comments” over and over and just quitting because I’m too lazy to continue to do that to find the newest posts.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      You’re talking about having page numbers denote the amount of comments, rather than “newer” and “older” comment links, right? If this is the case, I agree. I preferred to see 1 2 3 4 on the bottom.

      • Wireless Joe says:

        I prefer to see the page #’s at the top and bottom. I know this will go unheeded, but anyone that’s looking to update their comments section should ALWAYS include the following (in my opinion)

        1. An easy way to get to different comment pages
        2. If you truncate replies or threads, include an “expand all” option
        3. An easy way to sort comments by date, new -> old and old -> new
        4. The ability to edit comments
        5. Place the reply entry box near the comment you’re replying to, instead of somewhere else on the page.
        6. Place the previewed comment near the reply entry and the replied-to comment.
        7. The preview should load pictures and links prior to submission.

        There are probably others, but I’m late for lunch.

        • jacques says:

          Ditto on the “expand all” option. Maybe just a button that says “show me everything, dagnabit” that expands all the trees and loads all the comments into one page?

          • Wireless Joe says:

            To pile on to my own post, I just had to click through a bunch of “X replies” buttons because I didn’t remember the original post I replied to, and without comments expanded, I couldn’t even search for my user name to find it without going through and expanding individual threads.

  3. midwestkel says:

    I am liking the new design!

  4. ARP says:

    Looks great. However, I liked the “expand all” option from the previous version.

  5. MercuryPDX says:

    Wishlist (in no order):
    1. I would like to see the # of comments per page limit removed or configurable.
    2. Can you add Tumblr to the “AddThis” bar?

  6. Janine Melnitz says:

    I’m going to ask this here, since there aren’t 250 comments to wade through to find where I commented in the other thread…

    Should there be somewhere I can access my profile? I don’t see it. I see my name at the top right, but it’s not clickable.

    • Veeber says:

      If you look in the upper right, just under the search bar you should see a “Welcome Janine Melnitz” If you click on it it should bring you to your profile.

      • Janine Melnitz says:

        Sadly, nope. There’s “Janine Melnitz” and “SIGN OUT”, but that’s it. Maybe I’ll try signing in again…

    • Janine Melnitz says:

      That didn’t do it. I also had to get my password reset again.

      • diasdiem says:

        I had to do this too. Apparently I “timed out” or some nonsense, and my reset password didn’t work, so I had to do it again.

    • 333 (only half evil) says:

      In reply to Janine Melnitz – I can’t access my account either. Notice that our user names show up in black and unclickable while almost all others show up in red and clickable.

    • the atomic bombshell says:

      Hooray! I’m a person again!

  7. karabekian77 says:

    Definitely an upgrade. The old design wasn’t bad, but this is quickly making me forget about it!

  8. phospholipid says:

    mmmm we have a phone number now!

  9. umbriago says:

    Looks great. My compliments. But I just stopped by to say the original e-mail containing my new password didn’t work worth a lick. But I got around it.

    This kitten wants to know if HTML still works. Answer: YES! Onward and upward Consumerist.

  10. 36Cupcakes says:

    1.expand all for comments
    2. Sort by newest to oldest or oldest to newest

  11. diasdiem says:

    For the Comments:

    1.) When replying, let us reply underneath the comment we’re replying to instead of jumping us back up to the comment box. It makes it hard to refer back to what we’re replying to.

    2.) I liked how the old sight let you preview as you were typing. Having to click to get a preview and make any changes after that is annoying.

    3.) Bring back inserting images and videos

    4.) Expand All comments

    5.) Have some other form of navigation for comments besides “Newer Comments” and “Older Comments.” Like page numbers. Or even give an option to display all comments in one large list without paging. Or let us change the number of comments per page.

    • Kimaroo - 100% Pure Natural Kitteh says:

      I would just like to add that I’d like to see more comments per page, 50 for each page makes too many pages on most posts. The old Consumerist had a nice amount.

    • DangerMouth says:

      Seriously hating the comment box up top

    • doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

      Would you need glasses if you have “old sight” ???
      Must resist…hitting…SUBMIT…button…

  12. diasdiem says:

    Also, I don’t know if it’s just me, but this site seems to be running like mud.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      I know the site is running very slowly on Safari on my iPhone. It wasn’t too bad with the old layout, but now it’s like molasses and I’m still having to reset my password every time, and I get a timeout error, so looking at Consumerist on my phone is a hassle at the moment.

  13. Cameraman says:

    The current design is a improvement over the previous website (and waaay better than the asstastic Gawker redesign). Not loving the color scheme, but not totally hating it either.

    You guys rock my face off, Consumerist.

  14. t0ph says:

    I keep having to reset my password in order to log in. The system is not recognizing my credentials for some reason??

  15. chucklebuck says:

    Glad to be back, and love what you’ve done with the place.

  16. gStein_*|bringing starpipe back|* says:

    i’m going to agree with @diasdiem 100% – i’d also like to see 2 new features, comment reply notifications (either via email or a notification when you visit the site – noticed that on lifehacker yesterday) and an edit button.

    and what’s up with threadded comments, it keeps disappearing.

    • kaceetheconsumer says:

      Agreed. It’s a pain that the comment box is all the way up here and the thing I’m replying to is somewhere in the middle of the page.

      And I absolutely want some kind of reply notification. Email would be best (like we had with Bunedoggle, except with actual working links), but a page attached to my profile or something would be acceptable. Right now the page on the profile that implies that it does this actually lists all replies to the entire story. I want to be able to converse back and forth with people easily but not have to wade through other conversations to do it.

      • Trai_Dep says:

        Gawker’s update has a nice feature that lists at the top of their main page, “You have [x] replies”, that, once clicked, shows all the comments you’ve made that have replies, listing which story, that’s a link.
        …Pretty nice, I think.

      • pecan 3.14159265 says:

        I totally agree that having the comment box at the top is a pain. I got so used to having the comment box expand under the comment I was replying to, so I could keep an eye on the post I was replying to for reference. It helped keep things organized.

  17. KTK1990 says:

    It looks great.

    Is it just me though, or does it kinda remind you of Mafia Wars (especially at the top).

    • SJActress says:

      I sort of agree. It DOES look like Mafia Wars, but it also looks like a really poorly designed website for an incredibly sucky sequel to Dick Tracy.

      And it’s like friggin’ Fort Knox to get signed in properly. Errors, errors, errors.


  18. rpm773 says:

    I’ve had to reset my password a couple of times this morning, for whatever reason. I just retype the same one each time, so it’s not me.

    I’ve lost my friends and my followers.

    The rest I’ll have to get used to, but if the above issues were addressed it would make things a lot easier.

    • pop top says:

      Yeah, I’m very annoyed at having to go around and re-follow/re-friend everyone. Only catastrophe girl was nice enough to remember me. :(

      • pecan 3.14159265 says:

        I logged into Lifehacker to get the list of people I had followed, but there are so many people I’ve never even seen here before that I decided to stop trying to find everyone and refollow people as I see their comments, so you are officially refollowed.

        • DangerMouth says:

          hey, you gots a follower!

          Took me a while to figure out how to how to do this just now, I really liked being able to do this right in the discussion without leaving the page, I also liked the ‘heart clicky’ it just seemed …friendlier.

          If anyone else can’t figue it out, click on the avatar icon, go to user’s page, wait for ‘follow this person’ to load’ up near the rss button (took a while to load). Somehow find your way back to original discussion.

        • rpm773 says:

          I looked at my Lifehacker list and did a Google search on “The Consumerist User Profile: username for each name on my previous lists in order to pull up the profile page, since everyone now has an ID number only. It’s a pain.

          And there were several that appear to have not made the journey to the new system…or at least couldn’t be pulled up in Google.

      • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

        eh, i think i was just the only person awake at 4 am refollowing people. hehe

  19. LoneHighlander says:

    I really like your new company directory. Content like executive email addresses would turn it into gold. That would be premium content…not that I’m saying you should charge for it…
    (I like my freebies!)

    P. S. I’m also still having to reset my password each time I want to log in.

  20. azzy says:

    For whatever reason I can’t login at work. I think the filters there block your fancy login scripting. Only sites I’ve ever had a problem with are the new gawker comments and now the new consumerist. :(

  21. kjherron says:

    Can you add links to the next and previous articles?

  22. key says:

    Um, if you have to explain, then the buttons aren’t doing their job. Think about new visitors in the future. How will you explain the buttons to them?

    • key says:

      Oh, uh…. and instead of Company Directory (which implies a directory of YOUR company), “Directory of Companies” or “Research Companies” might be a better label for that section….

    • CompyPaq says:

      From a UI perspective, you have a point. But I don’t know why they had to explain. It seemed pretty self-explanatory to me.

  23. Wireless Joe says:

    I reset my password and was able to log in via IE, but when I tried to type my credentials into Firefox, it said my username/password were invalid. I used the password reset option in FF, entered the same password I’d been using, and was able to log in successfully. However, if I log out of my profile and try to log back in again, I get the same username/password error (in FF; works fine in IE).

  24. katia802 says:

    could you please check into the password situation? Third time today i’ve been logged out and had to reset my password.

  25. Trai_Dep says:

    I’m cautiously optimistic that, once the big fish are smoothed out and everything runs smoothly and as expected, there will be a Kitteh icon on the toolbar that will meow then show all cat-related stories. And pictures!!

  26. Slick36 says:

    Lookin’ Good!

  27. ExtraCelestial says:

    I like the new design a lot, but stuff being on the right rather than the left is completely throwing me off. It’s going to take quite a bit of getting used to.

  28. ddesigns says:

    Looks good!

  29. pattymc says:

    I love the new design. The graphics are simple and do not overpower the content. Easy to navigate. I evidently lost my old account even though – I thought – I had taken the prescribed steps to avoid this. Other than that, well done, kids, well done.

  30. Roloboto says:


  31. coren says:

    So…every time I come to the site I have to log in, and when I do I have to reset my password to get it to recognize my password. Halp!

    Also, ocmment threading plz

  32. coren says:

    Ok here’s a new one – comments: if they’re in a thread they shouldn’t show up separately too…

  33. DangerMouth says:

    This site is much better at using enlarged text without having the formatting going to hell (I’m not blind, I’m on a little netbook).

    The old site was a little easier to see where replies and ‘conversations’ were, because of the visual clues like spacing, these comments seem to run together in a mass.

    The ‘preview’ is WAY slower, and not nearly as usefull for proof-reading (cuz, ya know, there’s no EDIT feature).

    Where oh where is our ‘edit profile; button?

    But the text-sizing thing was the bane of my existance (yes, my ENTIRE existance), so I guess it’s a win.

    • DangerMouth says:

      And seriously? Why can’t ‘expand all’ be a persistant option, maybe set thru user profile, but certainly between each login?

      AAAAAAlso, after making my initial comment above, when I was on the second page (‘newer comments’), it brought me back to the first page of comments? Yeah, I’m guessing that’s going to be a lot of fun. I already have a tendency to pick a comment on the first page to reply to, rather than having to remenber which page my original comment or reply was on if I want to go back and check it later, having to wade thru multiple pages was hard enough even when you could go right to them.

      At least there’s 50 discussions to a page, up from the old 20.

  34. econobiker says:

    Nice, and interesting.

  35. huadpe says:

    Could you make the company directory begin with a general category page, without the whole list visible? With all those logos, it takes quite a bit of time/memory to load the page currently.

  36. NotYou007 says:

    So I have had to reset my password 3 times now. If I close this page and try to log back in it forgets who I am. Sucks monkey nuts. The comments are also still messed up. Sometimes they display, sometimes they do not. The Expand All does not work properly either.

    Still a lot of bugs to work out if you ask me.

  37. jbl-az says:

    Seems navigable and interesting. On a related note, the photographs that used to grace the RSS feed (as seen via Google Reader) seem to have stopped.

  38. Kris says:

    You’ve skipped the letter ‘Q’ in the company directories for some reason. I can think of 3 Q companies off the top of my head, Qwest, Qdoba, Qualcomm… so probably should add that…

  39. DangerMouth says:

    Not only the ‘expand all’, but threading goes to hell after the first page. Comment replies are found later in the comments instead of directly under the comment being replied to.

    Also miss the @whoever when replying, it avoided confusion.

  40. kaceetheconsumer says:

    Not loving the thing where I have to log in so often, and reset the password each time. I assume that’s a bug or a side effect of tinkering and not a “feature”.

  41. LadySiren is murdering her kids with HFCS and processed cheese says:

    Ay Caramba! Had to go and refollow people, still missing a bunch but am suffering from CRS. Hopefully, I’ll remember who it was I was following and why, LOL. Also, all my followers are gone, boo. Not that I ever have anything memorable to say but hey, it made me feel special. :P

    On the upside, I know it’s just a matter of time until all the kinks are worked out. Site looks great, just needs a bit of tweaking. Grats to Ben and the entire Consumerist crew on the redesign.

  42. KhaiJB says:

    could this be the first post I’ve managed to make?
    I’ve had to reset my password 5 times – it’ll say its reset, I come back and the passwords reject.
    as to posting? YEAH RIGHT! hit post and get told denied.

  43. Brian W. says:

    It’s not bad. Seems like too much clutter on the side with the empty boxes and what not, and the top banner could be a little slimmer and move the threads up.

    Looks alot better than the new Gawker interface though.

  44. Sylar Darko says:

    Wow, I *usally* HATE change but I love this. It’s all improvements to me. ZERO setback. Great job.

    For some reason I always assumed that all gawker blogs would stick to an identical format. Would be nice to see lifehacker follow ;o)

    • Sylar Darko says:

      …and I just realized Consumerist is owned by Consumer media and NOT gawker. Not awkward at all :)

      I really do suck at assumptions. The similar layout fooled me. But again good job on the new layout.

  45. lesbiansayswhat says:

    My two critical pennies:

    In general the less amount of boxes I see the better. If I like a site enough that has lots of boxes I end up ignoring the boxes and visit anyway..if the amount of boxes is reasonable I look at them. You have two ‘Topics’ options which makes me feel like the site is cluttered with boxes I don’t need to look at. Repeating options is just overkill. And to put these options in a column sprinkled with ads doesn’t help either. I liked the old Gawker style layout because it’s simple and neat for a site that updates regularly. I also liked featured/popular items being at the top with pictures. The staff sidebox now seems a bit excessive with the headshots.

  46. allstarecho says:

    PLEASE FIX the log in issues before ANYTHING ELSE. I’m really getting annoyed with having to go through the damn “Forgot password” crap every single time I want to login. I can’t even use the “Remember me” feature because it won’t log me in to remember me so I have to go the forgotten password route every time.

  47. floraposte says:

    What everybody says in re: password issues. I like that there’s Expand All now, hope it can be more visually clear in differentiating threads from posts. And if you do a manual expand now, the nested comments turn quickly into a mess as they cling in fear to the right margin–hopefully that can get cleaned up. I love the Rogues’ Gallery–excuse me, “Consumerist Team” pictures.

  48. Jonbo298 says:

    Loving the new re-design. Though the password forgetting is an annoying and hopefully temporary issue, along with threaded comments randomly appearing and then disappearing.

  49. Tomas says:

    Great look and feel for the site, and very logical, usable navigation.

    Well done! :o)


  50. Vitae says:

    I actually really like the new layout, kudos to the design team!

  51. midwestdesigner says:

    Yea! I love the new, clean design. I’m already having an easier time finding old posts I vaguely remember and wanted to reference.

  52. pop top says:

    I’m still having trouble staying logged in. I’ve had to reset my password four times now. I’m also less than pleased that I have to go back and re-friend everyone…

  53. TouchMyMonkey says:

    A test. I just adore the man in the trenchcoat walking a cat pic, so I swiped it.

  54. tlf0803 says:

    I’ve subscribed to the Consumerist RSS feed, and I’ve noticed that with the new site redesign I cannot view any pictures in my feed. This makes me sad inside. :(

  55. vladthepaler says:

    I’m usually one for complaining about site redesigns, because usually they suck. But this one is impressive. It looks really great, it’s clean and modern. I hadn’t explored the tabs, but from your descriptions it sounds like they’ll be useful, and are well thought-out.

  56. Blue387 says:

    Hooray, my account works again!

  57. TxJosh16 says:

    I don’t see anyway to move through the articles using “next” and “previous” links. What am I missing?

  58. blesseddaily says:

    Can someone explain to me what a LG 47″ 16:9 2.7ms 1080p 120Hz WIRELESS LCD HDTV 47LH85 IS? Is it really wireless and why is it considered wireless. In the market for new tvs and being watching for good deals and i saw this and wondered is this something i should be considering. Not all that technical you know what i mean.

  59. Bobspamming says:

    Am i the only one having a problem seeing new posts? For a little while i was going through the “archives” to see things posted in the last month but that isn’t working now either… When i go to “home” it shows up to Nov 25th and the “archives” only seem to show through Dec 1st. :-(

    I miss you consumerist!