Mint Upselling To "Free"

It didn’t take long for Intuit to start ruining a great product. They’ve begun upselling customers to two “free” credit report sites that are anything but. UPDATE: Turns out Mint was already doing this pre-Intuit. Bully for them.

The image at top is one example. Below is another.

Reader Eric writes, “I logged into my account today and noticed a new alert. “It’s been 6 months since you last updated your credit score.” I thought to myself “That’s funny, I don’t remember mint providing a credit score.” I click on the the link only to have it take me to”

The only place to get a free credit report is the site put together by the government, Sites like and are a befuddling system of of chutes and ladders that suck customers into signing up for paid services they may not need.

(Photo: XWRN)

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