Hey, You Look Different!

Something looks different about you. No, don’t tell me, I can figure it out. New glasses, right? No? Haircut? You lost weight? You’re pregnant? Wait, hang on. You redesigned your site? No way! Wait. Really?

Yes, we’ve redesigned the site. We’ve also moved to a brand new home, and we’re still unpacking, so it may take a little while to find everything. But we’re pretty sure everything’s here, or at least it will be once we tip the movers and they agree to unload the truck.

That includes commenting. If you’re a regular commenter, and you have an email address associated with your account, you should be getting an email very soon with instructions about how to log in and reset your password. It’s coming. Really. In the meantime, how about helping us with some of these boxes? That one over there looks like it’s filled with odd-looking t-shirts from Walmart.


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  1. Ben Popken says:


  2. AcceleratedDragon says:

    Thanks for NOT copying the “improved” gawker format.
    No stars, no approvals

  3. mrsam says:

    I didn’t wait for my email. I figured it out myself :-)

  4. GC says:

    New website is tremendously sexy. Rock on, Consumerist!

  5. Laura Northrup says:

    I, for one, salute our new cat-leash-walking overlords.

  6. tsume says:

    2nd time’s the charm? :)

  7. muycaliente says:

    the new website looks good! keep it up consumerist!

  8. Saites says:

    I’m liking the redesign, but lost all my friends :(

  9. stevekuze says:

    The new site looks amazing!!!!

  10. Thaddeus says:

    For those interested in not waiting for the email, such as my impatient self, you can just select password recovery and pop in the old gawker email and you’ll get a link to reset your log-in password.

    I’m liking the new look guys!

    • jeffbone says:

      I did that last night, but still had a password reset email in my inbox this morning…which didn’t work :-(. Running through the password reset procedure fixed the problem, though.

    • KTK1990 says:

      That actually didnt work for me. I had to create a brand new account with the same info.

  11. Spöönmann says:

    Preview button is a nice feature.

  12. B says:

    Oh no, change! I love the new look, but how do you get a leash on a cat?

  13. Johann says:

    Nice looking site, guys.

  14. snobum says:

    I like it so far. Nice job!

  15. speedwell (propagandist and secular snarkist) says:

    Excellent redesign, but I initially had a problem logging in (obviously fixed now). Thanks and good luck. :)

  16. Alexander says:

    New design looks great!

  17. PHRoG says:

    Awesome!!! I’m lovin’ it!

  18. SquareBubbles says:

    I’m really liking the new look!

  19. ladyw says:

    Whoa – I thought I was on the wrong site.

  20. humphrmi says:

    Whoa! Boy, this is going to take some getting used to. I’m not saying bleh, but just … different…

    Is there a way to turn threaded comments view back on?

  21. nybiker says:

    Hey, is that a tip you’re giving to the movers or is a mandatory gratuity? Or maybe a service charge? Anyway, my back is hurting, so all I can do is supervise and ensure the boxes get to where they’re supposed to go.

  22. nakkypoo says:

    I mostly like the new layout save two things.

    The new style for blockquote is, to be kind, atrocious. Reading an article with quoted text, especially when it’s broken up with commentary is extremely hard to follow. Bringing back the shaded background and indentation would help a lot.

    And, what is the flash at the top? I don’t want to enable flash in my browser, so I get a broken box up there. If it’s not content, could it be moved to the bottom of the page so that it the site renders as expected?

  23. slickwombat says:

    Very, very slick!

  24. j-o-h-n says:


  25. KyleOrton says:


  26. Francko says:

    Looks great. Much cleaner. I’ll have to dig in and see how it works. Change is good.

  27. dirtyblueshirt says:

    Yeah, I saw it the other night… probably when you guys were testing it…

  28. justagigilo85 says:

    Managed to see this last week when the comments were off. Looks good.

  29. bigroblee says:

    Well, it is different… We’ll see if it grows on me…

  30. stevekuze says:

    awesome site!

  31. tinmanx says:

    I saw this design last week, was it a test?

    I thought I forgot my password and did a reset before reading this, hope I didn’t mess anything up. And I can’t login again after I logout, had to reset again. Guess you guys are still doing your thing.

    Anyway, the new design is slick! Keep up to good work!

  32. Lprd says:

    I like it!

  33. gStein_*|bringing starpipe back|* says:

    Déjà vu

  34. mdoneil says:

    You needed instructions to reset your password. Oh.

  35. TheUncleBob says:

    I like the new look – hopefully, it’s here to stay this time. :)

  36. MostlyHarmless says:

    Oh Look! I can comment! (Where is my star???)

    • osiris73 says:

      Star, schmar! I donate money and I don’t get a star. Ya know, I’ve been on here for many months now and still have no idea how you get a star. Then again, maybe that’s a moot point now.

      • Rectilinear Propagation says:

        IIRC, they gave out stars for making a comment one of the editors liked. But they haven’t given out new stars in forever because Gawker disabled it or something.

        • kaceetheconsumer says:

          And here I thought I didn’t have one because nobody wuvved me. *sniffle*

          I’m looking forward to a way to be told when someone replies to me…it looks like right now you can click a thing on your profile that lists all replies to any post you’ve commented on, which isn’t as useful for a back-and-forth discussion.

    • Marc Perton says:

      We are working on getting stars reinstated. Keep watching the skies!

      • alstein says:

        Please, no. They just cause trouble.

        • pecan 3.14159265 says:

          Why do stars cause trouble? Is it cause they twinkle and you’re photophobic?

          • Trai_Dep says:

            Because he’s secretly made all from balloons, and regards stars’ sharp points with barely masked, dread terror?
            Any site that lionizes (heh) cats as much as Consumerist HAS to love stars. Stars are… Cat-eriffic!

  37. viewsource says:

    Am I having deja vu or was this released out last week and then pulled?

    • quaru says:

      Yeah, this went up Friday when comments were closed then, but something must have gone wrong, and now we get the pretty new look. I managed to see it once that night, but it was flakey

  38. xl22k says:


  39. CompyPaq says:

    Looks great! And its much faster than last time.

  40. richrecruiter says:

    Hey, that’s a nice redesign.

  41. tsume says:

    I wonder when comments will work.

  42. Blueskylaw says:

    Well, this threw me for a loop. I thought I was at the wrong website.

    Anywho, my screen-name and/or password was not being recognized so I re-registered, or should I have waited for the e-mail?

    Kudos to the web developers for a very nice site.

  43. SybilDisobedience says:

    Oooh! Love the redesign. The place looks great.

  44. Blueskylaw says:

    Enter text…
    It seems that Consumerist took the redesigning of this site seriously.

  45. Miraluka says:

    New site looks great. Testing comments. Hooray!

  46. nataliepo says:

    looking good, consumerist!!!!

  47. Allied Biscuits says:

    I may be losing my sanity. Was this entry made before? It’s all a bit of deja vu.

  48. juri squared says:

    Woah! I am not used to this whole “change” thing. I’m scared. Hold me!

    Seriously, though, I really like it. Nice and clean.

  49. Haroludo says:

    Nice redesign! :D

  50. katstermonster says:

    Just commenting for the sake of commenting…because I got my password! Wheeeee!

  51. rekoil says:

    Just make sure no one else accidentally tries to unpack the “under-the-bed box”…

  52. Sndtrkman says:

    The new site design looks good. Kind of easier to read and streamlined which is nice. Congrats Consumerist and keep up the good work!!

  53. DIRANONI says:


  54. Jalh says:

    Wow, i love it ! thanks for bringing this new design.

  55. SunnyLea says:

    Nice! I almost hate to mess up the place….

  56. georgi55 says:

    Comments working yet?

  57. aishel says:

    Looks very nice so far! I like how things are organized in an easy to find way. It’ll take a bit more getting used to, but overall, it has a very nice, sharp look to it!

  58. balls says:

    Love the new look, but it appears that account migration hasn’t switched over yet, so I just created a new account instead.

  59. Xerloq says:

    Congratulations! Glad to see the new look.

  60. Danj3ris says:

    Nice to be a part of the new Consumerist. Keep up the good work!

  61. Xkeeper says:

    The password sent in the email didn’t actually work, I had to do the whole forgot-password routine to reset it. After that it seems to be somewhat working, though.

  62. Xkeeper says:

    … er. So I guess you have to click “Sign in”, even if you already are logged in? I just figured the comment form malfunctioned or something.

    Bleh. Hopefully these things are worked out before too long.

  63. azntg says:

    I saw a glimpse of this design at the last comment outage before you guys reverted back to the boilerplate Gawker platform.

    Personally, I’m torn… I like the clean, less gritty aesthetics brought forth by this new design, but it’s a tad bit too complex (perhaps cluttered?) for my liking.

  64. VOIDMunashii says:

    Oh no! Things have changed! You’ve ruined it all! I don’t like change, it makes me uncomfortable! Rabble rabble rabble!

    I mean look at this new colour scheme! its… it’s kind of nice actually.
    And the logo! What did you do to the logo? It’s… not too bad really.
    But the general layout, the general layout is… actually pretty professional looking.

    Alright then, I guess I can get used to this.

  65. goodpete says:

    Fancy! Congratulations on the redesign. It looks great!

  66. mrfr0g says:

    Nice job on the new site!

  67. Ratty says:

    Very sleek. Liking it a lot.

  68. limbikity says:

    wow! i love it! anybody notice engadget changed their layout as well?

  69. thnkwhatyouthnk says:

    Let me be the first to say that you look amazing! I especially love the new company directory, really cool =)

  70. dantsea says:

    FIRS–er, hi. =)

    Looks nice!

  71. Avery says:

    The password email you sent out doesn’t work, I had to reset it. Hey, third time’s a charm :)

  72. isaidnoonions says:

    As an art director, I have to say, the new site leaves much to be desired.

  73. PatrickIs2Smart says:

    Welcome home, Consumerist! I like what you’ve done to the place… =) Looking forward to the iPhone app!

  74. ExVee says:

    That’s interesting. I got the e-mail with my username and a randomized password, but I couldn’t log in until I used my original password. I wasn’t under the impression it was supposed to work that way.

  75. y2julio says:

    The password that I was emailed didn’t work. I had to resort to the “forgot my password” option to reset it and change it to a different one.

  76. vangogh71 says:

    Wow! Absolutely beautiful! Great layout, I think I’ll be visiting even more often!

  77. wickedpixel says:

    deja vu! looked great last week. looks great now. hope it sticks this time :)

  78. Squeaks says:

    I’m not quite sure how I feel about the new comments setup…I like the nested/collapsible comments. Just my $.02.

  79. kazoni says:

    Very nice look. Do I get a shirt if I help you move?

  80. William T says:

    The new design looks great!

  81. ogman says:

    Your temp password didn’t work. However, changing it through the “recover password” process did. Overall, pretty shoddy service. Someone should report this to The Consumerist! ;o)

  82. hokuto says:

    Looks great guys! Very sleek indeed.

  83. Jerkamie says:

    I don’t like how my do not donate link isn’t working.

  84. JDAC says:

    Normally I instantly hate a new look.

    This? I like this.

  85. aparsons says:

    For some reason, the username you emailed me wasn’t correct (and I couldn’t log in). I ended up clicking RECOVER PASSWORD and was able to set up my profile.

  86. gijoe84 says:


  87. TVGenius says:

    Yeah, my password was no good too. If you’re having issues, just do the Forgot Password routine. Like the look. Better than most blog redesigns I’ve seen lately. Not at all what I expected, but I do like it.

  88. Sarah Black says:

    Looks great!

  89. Nidabriz says:

    Lookin’ good, Consumerist ;)

  90. alstein says:

    Can you guys fix the moderation of comments? Or is it just that I didn’t access this place until you all get to sleep?

  91. Brazell says:

    Had some trouble logging in, but now it’s good.

    Love the new look.

  92. dwb says:

    Love it love it love it!

  93. UGAdawg says:

    Very nice design! I had to re-register using my same name and stuff. Hopefully that won’t cause any issues. At any rate I’m happy with the design.

  94. Mr. Chip says:

    Beautiful! If there hadn’t been MoveableType notices in the password reset process, I never would have known.

  95. Mr.DuckSauce says:

    I don’t like change, the reason I loved the old style was the fact that it wasn’t cluttered, but C’est la vie!

  96. allstarecho says:

    Like most everyone else, the email I got with a “temporary password” didn’t work. I had to use the “forgot password” option to reset my password and here I am.

  97. Eldritch says:

    Overall, I really like it. I just miss the old way comments worked. How can we tell when we’re replying to someone? Am I just a noob or…? Nestled comments ftw

  98. Danilo Campos says:


  99. SquareBubbles says:

    So, the comment system is a little buggy…

    I signed in earlier to post a comment (had to use the “Forgot Password” button) and never closed my browser / cleared cookies / etc.

    I came back here to see if there were any comments up and what the new system looked like and once again, I couldn’t log in and had to use the “Forgot Password” button.

    After reseting my pass, I only had to click “Login” and wasn’t asked for my password.

    This is on Safari 4.0.3 / OS X 10.6.1

  100. higginsrj says:

    If another popular site underwent a redesign, told all existing users they had to update their profile info, and then when users went in with their existing password it didn’t work, so that they had to then go and change to a new password…well, I’d expect to be reading about it on a popular consumer website.

  101. magic8ball says:

    I also was unable to use the temp password in the first email. I told the login screen I had forgotten my password and asked for a reset, and it seems to be working now.

  102. squishyalt says:

    I hate to burst your bubble, but people don’t come here because “the site looks good”. Consumers want a clean, easy to navigate portal that allows them to give feedback to the industries that (at times) screw us.

    I knew this was coming. It is an unwritten law that when a new owner takes over a site, the old site MUST DIE!

    I don’t really know why this is. It would seem that there would be someone (ANYONE) in the IT department of the new owners (Hi there Consumer Reports!) with a working frontal lobe. If there were, they would know that site design (least of all CHANGING site design) is NOT what draws the most visitors.

    (It almost makes me queasy to have to even type the following…) Just look at Google, DrudgeReport and ohter top performing sites. They stick with a simple design and their readership remains constant or even improves.

    Microsoft had enough sense to copy Google’s simple interface philosophy when designing Bing. And, many other search sites have followed suit and kept their designs clean, uncluttered and fast.

    So, why is it that people feel the need to fuck with website design all of the time? Again, the people don’t come here for the pretty pictures.

    They come here to read about which company is screwing consumers today, to warn others about misbehaving companies and to get advice on how to protect themselves if they are currently being screwed by a company.

    Now we have a site without a properly working comment section. Just try and preview your comment and then edit it. The edit box simply eats your comment. You have to copy it from the preview and paste it into the edit box and hopefully not have to edit it again.

    Remeber New Coke? There’s a lesson in there somewhere.

    I’m just sayin…

    • OwenCatherwood says:

      They changed the design because the old look/feel is owned by Gawker media.

    • Doug81 says:

      I suppose it’s a good thing they had a reason beyond new pretty pictures to redesign the site. In case you missed it Consumer’s Union bought Consumerist from Gawker Media. Gawker hosted Consumerist for a while post acquisition but they had to move. Without being in the Gawker “network” they don’t get the Gawker look necessitating a site redesign.

      You’re right there are some kinks but give them a break. They could have told everyone to just register a new account and saved themselves some trouble. They just launched the new site so chill. They’ll get it all working.

  103. Eldritch says:




  104. ArcanaJ says:

    Ooo! Shiny!

  105. MattPHS2002 says:

    Just testing the new comments.

  106. meadandale says:


  107. Thassodar says:

    Hot diggity!

  108. eightfifteen says:

    Looks kinda Secret Agent-y.

  109. NightSteel says:

    Just one suggestion.. the gray around the article tag and the tan around the ‘X Comments’, for whatever reason, those just don’t look right to me. Maybe a thin border?

    Otherwise, love the redesign (and the guy walking his cat).

  110. NightSteel says:

    Just one suggestion.. the gray around the article tag and the tan around the ‘X Comments’, for whatever reason, those just don’t look right to me. Maybe a thin border?

    Otherwise, love the redesign (and the guy walking his cat).

  111. [DFX] Deimos says:

    Looks good.

  112. Vipersfate says:

    I really enjoy the new setup. Looks clean and nice.

  113. Pete Gaines says:

    Hey, great job guys! Site looks great.

    Of course, Gawker Media started out with Movable Type, too…. :)

  114. adria.richards says:

    Wow, Movable Type platform vs custom Gawker codebase…interesting!

  115. Crim Law Geek says:

    Beautiful, awesome site. I had login issues now fixed. Is there any way to bring back the “expand all” button? Also, clicking on the “show newer messages” button sends me to a random post (i.e. not the last of the old ones or the first of the new ones). Awesome work though, much, much better than the Gawker POS!

  116. Wombatish says:

    Yay, I saw this last week as well, and wondered where it went for a while :D

    Btw: I’m sure you guys are busy and such, but still wtb edit button! That and I kinda miss threaded comments.

    Still, great work, will take a little getting used to but looking forward to it :D

  117. ninjatoddler says:

    Much much better!

  118. dragonfire81 says:

    Wow! Loving the new look and just in time for thanksgiving. My favourite site gets even more awesome. :D

  119. gwong says:

    So, I guess you’re completely Gawker-free now? Glad you guys didn’t go the Wonkette route and went with a new design.

  120. Green Goth Brit Chick - AlternatEve says:

    Overall, I likes it, but I agree with the calls for threaded comments (please please please) and I miss my next button!

  121. Schroeder says:

    Woo. Had a bit of a hiccup in the process, but it all worked out in the end!

    In more relevant commentary, I am really digging the new surroundings. Took me by surprise, no less, since I really wasn’t expecting all this when I checked my email. Nice work, folks.

  122. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    Yay! :D

  123. Surfergirl1286 says:

    I like it!

  124. Android8675 says:


  125. Poisonous Taoist says:

    Gotta say, if I ever thought a Gawker site would ever become too big for Gawker, it would be this one. There’s a serious niche Consumerist fills that no other site can. Executive Email Carpet Bomb? Grocery Shrink-Ray awareness?

    Did any of those exist before Consumerist, or did we just make it popular?

  126. streicher says:

    Very classy looking. Saw what looked like a partially rendered version of the new site when I logged in early in the morning a few days ago and was a bit worried- this is much better.

  127. Zorantor says:

    Wow, the new layout is hella sexy.

    I have to say, I was a little concerned that the site might not look as good after the update. But I like it!

  128. dlynch says:

    looks sharp!

  129. DimTwinkle says:

    Clean, attractive design. The core (articles and comments) layout felt a little too reminiscent of Digg though.

    As far as whether change was necessary or even a good idea, sooner or later change is needed on any enduring site. Sites with dated design are perceived as stale in content. In that moment that you have to make a first impression on a new user, it’s the appearance that is going to be the deal maker or breaker. Content is probably a close second; very few sites can be as spare as Google and be complete.

    Since I understand at least one major reason for the change has to do with moving from a different platform, this seems like a good time to update a look that was still good but was no longer at the forefront of the current direction in website design.

  130. catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

    loving the new ‘topics’ sidebar.
    not loving the lack of expand all button and the lack of page numbers to choose from on comments inside entries.
    but i’m sure that’s a broken record for you guys already

  131. MonkeyWrench32 says:


  132. tcp100 says:

    Looking fresh. And actually, the site is a bit faster for me. Bonus.

  133. renegade734 says:

    me likee new look !!!

  134. withoutnations says:

    nice to see the gawker-free consumerist.com is focused on managing content — company directories, topics and improved search are all welcome improvements

  135. coren says:

    Any way to make the comments show up as threaded again? Trying to follow conversations when non related posts show up in the middle is annoying.

  136. Dr.Jeckyl says:

    I like it. Much nicer than Gawker’s hideous “new and improved” setup.

  137. cortana says:

    Is that a leash… or is he holding a katana to that cat’s throat! Those damn collection agencies will do anything to get money!

  138. angelwolf71885 says:

    i like the new look its reminds me of the new engadget layout very nice :)

  139. loquaciousmusic says:

    I really like the new design. Nice work, Consumerist!

  140. inadequatewife says:

    Like others, I’ve reset the password prior to the email. New design looks good, but I’m also curious about the threaded comments – still possible?

  141. pantheonoutcast says:

    Beautiful new look! Clean, fast, uh, other adjectives…Kudos to your web developer!

  142. h3llc4t, breaker of office dress codes says:

    I miss threaded comments and “Most replied to”. :(

  143. xdreamwalker says:

    The new layout sure does look good.

  144. JemimaSheep says:

    I don’t know. The look is okay, but there’s something I don’t like about the comments… I think I preferred the old threading system; an expand all button is definitely needed; and maybe paging rather than “older” and “newer” links? I suspect the user pics are a bit big, too… I do like the new header and logo, though.

  145. Awjvail says:

    PRETTY! Everything is so clean and smooth and easy to see.

    Take notes, Engadget.

  146. tkates says:

    I’m loving the spy dude in the hat.

  147. LoneHighlander says:

    I like your new look. Very clean and appealing. I like the retro, stylized touches too. Well done!

  148. LadySiren is murdering her kids with HFCS and processed cheese says:

    Loving the new look! But um, where mah star at?!

    • LadySiren is murdering her kids with HFCS and processed cheese says:

      Suggestions: “show all” functionality for comments, how about a button letting us choose how to display/sort comments (i.e. – newest comments first, etc)? Other than that, love it! Still miss my star, though. I had to whine long and hard to get that star. :D

  149. TaraMisu says:

    Looks fabulous, nice job!

  150. scoobydoo says:

    Love it. First of all, it looks fantastic. Secondly – it doesn’t look like just another Gawker site (which is a good thing). Kudos!

  151. Smiley Massacre says:

    Wow, this is definitely a change from what I’m used to! Great job updating the site. I hope you don’t get all “prima donna” on us now!

  152. Mysterry says:

    I know the design is a lot less cluttered, nice and clean… but at the same time it looks super generic and kinda weird U___U

    Must be all the grey!

  153. adamczar says:

    I like the new site, which is a relief because most site redesigns seem to be bad. This looks great! I did have a complication with the email… it came, I clicked the link, tried signing in with the user name and password you sent but it wouldn’t take the password. I had to click “forgot password” and reset it that way, but it worked. Anyway congrats!

  154. wavbyby says:

    keep up the great work!

  155. TakingItSeriously is a Technopile says:

    Great new look, and same content … awesome :)

  156. Doug81 says:

    I like it!

  157. bitslammer says:


    This is the first updating of a web site that I’ve liked in a long time. You nailed it! Great layout, great functionality, and no extra “fluff” added just to make the web designers feel clever.

  158. ftk says:

    Easier to read on my phone. I like it.

  159. zarro84 says:


  160. MissPeacock says:

    Oh, I like it a lot!!!! I love the image of the man with the CAT! Cats cats cats cats cats!

  161. Fineous K. Douchenstein says:

    Guys, this looks kickass! I love the new layout and it looks much more intuitive than the Facebook-like gawker commenting crap.

  162. nbs2 says:

    Do not like.

  163. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    Did anyone else notice the new Company Directory? No more searching for the contact info posts. I also like that our user pics are a little bigger and that the new Archives section lists out all the tags used.

  164. Munchtime says:

    Looks great!

  165. korybing says:

    Site’s looking great! This is much better than the Gawker “update”. She’s a handsome website, she is.

  166. amgriffin says:

    Love the fedora. Looks great on you.

  167. SpruceStreetPhil - in a new Pine flavor says:

    one word: amazing

  168. nathanael.ries1021 says:

    W00t Cool new look! Do the RSS Feeds work yet, cause I’m about to find out!

  169. zrecs says:

    I was mulling over the design when I discovered the Company Directory. Guys, this rocks.

  170. mobbo says:

    Looks good!

  171. VA_White says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Company Directory. That is a fantastic new feature. Two thumbs up!

  172. kyle4 says:

    It’ll take some getting used to but I think it looks great, much much better then the recent changes Gawker made to all of their blogs.

  173. Overheal says:

    How come in your Editor photos none of you is wearing a Fedora?


  174. Esquire99 says:

    Dig the new layout.

  175. reuvenb says:

    You look so good!

  176. Xerloq says:

    Yay! Glad you’re back. Had to reset my password a bunch, but I guess third time’s a charm. Where did all my friends go?

  177. diasdiem says:

    Any idea how to imbed pictures or video? Are we able to do that here?

  178. Kid Awesome says:

    I like the new site. And yes, I agree with most people here, it’s kinda nice to get away from the gawker format.

    Lets do this!

  179. ossuary says:

    A little too “SpyMac”-ish so far, but I can appreciate the effort.

  180. Graner316 says:

    Oh noes, change!!!!!

  181. valueofaloonie says:

    Great job, guys! The redesign looks slick. :)

  182. ahleeeshah says:

    None of my comments are showing up as threaded. I’m not sure if I’m missing those sub-comments or if they’re posted, they just aren’t threaded.

  183. There's room to move as a fry cook says:

    What are the spin-arrows on the right for? I’ve been testing them for 20 minutes.

  184. diasdiem says:

    I like the look, but the commenting is borked. I liked for the reply box to show up underneath the person I’m replying to, and the live-preview. And imbedding images in video. Is this going to change?

  185. JoshTheGoat says:

    Great job on the new site. It looks great!

  186. mac-phisto says:

    YAY! i can finally comment. cool site, guys. waaaay better than before. glad you got rid of those humongoid story links on the top. awesome design.

  187. tfcocs says:

    Wait–you had a make over! I love how you trimmed your CSS; the streamlined look suits you.

  188. slyabney says:

    I like it! It loads much faster for me than the old site.

  189. Ophelia42 says:

    I like the new look, but can we get images back in RSS feeds?

  190. There's room to move as a fry cook says:

    Is there an option to put newer comments at the top – reverse chronological – instead of clicking through all the way to the end of 200+ comments?

  191. cerbie_the_orphan says:

    I’m guessing I used an email address that’s gone away. *sigh*
    However, while before, I lacked an avatar out of laziness…I really dig the black and white hat. I’m keeping it that way, unless I find a similar hat on a lolcat.

  192. Smashville says:

    Maybe it’s the increased number of people trying out the functions, but the site seems to be running a wee bit slow.

  193. Jetts says:

    Hey! The new site design gets past my work’s firewall. I can comment again, yay!

  194. MercuryPDX says:

    Made it.
    Looking Schwanky… :)

  195. darcygreen says:

    Looks great. For a moment there, I thought I was hijacked to another site.

  196. ALaterDayTD says:

    Love the new site. Glad I could finally login!

  197. schmendrick12 says:

    A bit of change-shock. But I LOVE the new, easy-to-find Company Directory. That’s one of the best parts of your services. Thanks for everything you do, Consumerist!

  198. medfordite says:

    Very nice new design. Change is good! :)

  199. Bargaineering.com says:

    Love the new look!

  200. travis says:

    cool! ☺

  201. Keep talking...I'm listening says:

    Yay! I likey mucho much!

  202. Keep talking...I'm listening says:

    Yay! I likey mucho much!

  203. JulesNoctambule says:

    I miss the little picture of Captain Duvel Moneycat clawing for his tasty, tasty oatmeal.

  204. davidc says:

    I hate the “grey” of the quotes. The main part of the story you want to read is what the person said, yet you “mute” that by making it harder to read. First rule in UI/Publishing is that you want the most important part of your message/content to be the most readable.

    Send your designers back to school please … but first change that stupid gray to black first …

  205. humphrmi says:

    OK here’s what I’ve found so far…

    1. Tawker stopped working, because there’s no RSS feed enabled for comments yet. Is that going to happen?

    2. I keep getting network timeouts.

    3. The pages require a lot of memory & system resources. On two systems, both running Mozilla/5.0 Gecko/2009101601 Firefox/3.0.15 (.NET CLR 3.5.30729), I have very different experiences: the 3 GB machine navigates links, loads pages, and adds comments just fine. The 512KB machine locks up, and I keep getting Firefox “this script has locked up your system” messages.

  206. dwasifar says:

    Text is too big now.

  207. penarestel says:

    I guess some internet monster ate my e-mail addy associated with this site because I wasn’t able to recover my info. Oh well. Glad to be on the new site.

  208. scoosdad says:

    Testing, testing… is this thing on?

  209. cybrczch says:

    Had to re-register, totally lost me.
    At least this time I put in a picture :)

  210. LandruBek says:

    I miss Hatman. *sniff*

  211. jesusofcool says:

    I had to create a new username because I never got an email and my email wasn’t coming up as on file. Maybe because I haven’t commented in a long time. Tried to register a new username under my snet.net account but nothing ever came, but I registered under my gmail and everything worked swimmingly. Weird but no biggie.
    Love the new commenting system though. I actually don’t mind that there’s no longer tiered comments; I think it will be more productive in the end. I stopped even glancing at the comments recently because it seemed to be a lot of personal convos and bickering and it seems like making it more difficult to direct reply to someone has already made a big difference. Yay!

  212. Maddict says:

    Consumerist you’re looking so sexy – did you lose weight?

  213. lowtone94 says:

    Congrats guys! The new look is quite an improvement over the Gawker controlled one! However i must agree that comment features should be enhanced and expanded upon, maybe use something like DISQUS

  214. Anonymously says:

    The images under “The Consumerist Team” are being scaled in the browser and therefore look like ass. i.e. the native resolution of the files is 60×60 but in the HTML says they are 70×70 so they are being “zoomed” in.

    You should resize the images to 70×70 or remove the image size from the HTML so they render at 60×60.

  215. SJHartley says:

    Awesome new design, Modern, and accessible, yet a little dark, and I for one, like that. Keep it up guys!

  216. Lady from Big D says:

    Sleek and modern! I like it!

  217. canfloat13 says:

    Outstanding website design and it makes it more appealing to the eye. Great job as always and keep on informing the world.

  218. Nixtress says:

    I miss seeing comments in the RSS feeds.

  219. Gamrillen says:

    I’m a longtime lurker, but I felt that since Consumerist has finally finished its redesigned, I’d celebrate by registering for an account.

    The site looks great. It’s very well thought out and has some nice new features. It looks like a lot of time and effort went into making this a great experience for the masses. I, for one, am very appreciative.

    Thanks again Consumerist!

  220. cookmefud says:

    the new layout is a little confusing and the block style is a bit harsh on the eyes, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it like I did the last time you guys changed everything around.

  221. (Starman) Starman says:

    Hoorah, my account still works! :)

  222. RotaryDial says:

    Much better than the new Gawker layout… And the new BGR layout… And the new Engadget layout…

    Kudos to your web design crew!!

  223. patcat88 says:

    Looks good.

  224. Krobar says:

    For some reason I can’t login from my work pc. I used to be able to, it keeps giving me ivalid username or password. Both in ff3.5 and ie6. But I am able to log in from my g1…I don’t think its a filtering issue but I have no idea what else could be the problem. Help?

    • Krobar says:

      ok now all of a sudden it’s fixed itself…no idea but glad to be able to login and comment from work again!

  225. redwall_hp says:

    I missed the announcement at first, and didn’t notice the redesign until today because I generally read in my RSS reader.

    The design looks great. The big “featured content” block above the header is a welcome subtraction, and I like the more prominent logo, complete with the shadowy consumer overlord (or whatever it is we call him).

    It looks clean, there’s enough white space, and the threaded comments are simply awesome.

    Great job.

  226. Matt Redacted says:

    Well done. I love the new look.

  227. peterfedric says:

    Change is the biggest law of nature.Implementing it in this site is very natural and all the modification done is very amazing to see.
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