Nordstrom Continues To Oppose Christmas Creep

When I was growing up we always put up our Christmas stuff the day after Thanksgiving. Nordstrom agrees. Once again, they are taking a stand against Christmas Creep.

Reader Jonathan says:

Saw this last night and figured since vendors get chastised for the Christmas creep, they should be recognized for not succumbing.


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  1. CaptainSemantics says:

    This is one of many reasons why Nordstrom repeatedly receives amazingly high NetPromoter scores. Granted, the only stuff I buy there is yummy tomato soup and pizzas off the kids menu in the cafe, but every time I go the service is great!

  2. holytrainwreck says:

    Yay for Nordstrom! I HATE Christmas creep with a passion. Kudos for Consumerist to recognize those doing the right thing, as opposed to being boneheaded.

  3. Happy13178 says:

    It’s funny reading some of these creep articles, because in Canada the holidays are a bit different. Thanksgiving here is the 2nd weekend in October, then Hallowe’en at the end of the month. Most stores here put up Christmas decorations as soon as they take down the Hallowe’en ones, so we have a full 2 months of holiday decorations. On the other hand, a lot of stores hold off a couple extra weeks and start decorating halfway through November. Best of all, the huge majority doesn’t put on Christmas music until December 1st. Except the Gap. They make my head hurt.

    • SmillaSnow says:

      @Happy13178: I’ve noticed that this year Halloween and Christmas decorations were displayed side by side. My area’s Sobeys store had a weird Santa and Skeleton display out front on Oct. 30th.

  4. CSUSam says:

    This will be my first Christmas with a real (ie: not part time) job, and I will certainly shop for things at Nordstrom’s over similar stores because of this. I worked retail for around 6 years, and the early Christmas stuff always bugged the crap out of me. I am actually still at Staples for another couple of weeks, and 3 days ago the complex we are in put up the Christmas stuff all around…

  5. Michael says:

    Good for them!

  6. JulesNoctambule says:

    Oh comments, how I missed you!

    I say props to Nordstrom; if some retailers had their way Christmas would start at the Fourth of July, but I like my seasons separate.

    I was in Sears the other day doing a Land’s End online return (convenient, I have to say) and the schmaltzy Christmas music was playing in full force. I’d planned to stick around and shop for new jeans for myself and the spouse, but with that horrible music on I was in and out instead. Starting Christmas early cost them my business that day, and every day until the season is over.

  7. bloggerX says:

    Hooray Old-School Tradition!!!

  8. misslisa says:

    I have always loved Nordstrom – Glad to see them getting some props!

  9. KylieH says:

    +2 for Nordstroms. Good company.

  10. rwalford79 says:

    Nordstrom is NOT a good company, I know, I worked there for almost 2 years.

    I can say that the staff that decorate, are NOT paid overtime for their efforts to get the lovely christmas decorations up the nights between the Thanksgiving and Christmas revamps. And in all honesty, only a few are so willing to do so, I was one of them, and I was grilled for leaving at 4AM because I was tired and worked the next day….

    As for celebrating one holiday at a time, its a good idea.. We dont celebrate Valentines and Easter together, or 4th of July Independence Day and Labor Day together do we? Nope… so why Turkeys and Trees?

  11. cape1232 says:

    I almost stopped going to Starbucks this week because they put up their Christmas bling. I would certainly consider favoring a company that is taking a stand against holiday-exploitation.

    It also shows respect for the customer, in that they are not acting like they think they can wring a few more bucks out of us by pulling our emotional “it’s the holiday” strings.

  12. agold says:

    I miss living near a Nordstrom.

  13. stlbud says:

    Thank you Nordstrom. See you when I start my Christmas shopping.

    Bill B.

  14. Pender says:

    Have yourself a SUPER radioactive thanksgiving courtesy of Nordstrom. Please check your radiation suit at the door on your way out.