Reach Keurig Executive Customer Service

If you have a problem with Keurig, makers of those coffee machines where the coffee comes in little pods that you just place inside, and regular customer service isn’t helping you, you can try nicely escalating to their Director of Customer Service or emailing their executive team.

Kathy Kelley
Director, Keurig Customer Service
At Home Division
(866) 901-BREW (2739),,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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  1. d.ham says:

    I have a problem with Keurig, but I doubt I can get their Director of Customer Service to convince my office to stop using their product.

  2. legwork says:

    Why pay and waste so much to conveniently produce what anyone could extract from yesterday’s socks?

    A customer bought one of these for the “cup a day” simplicity. Of course he really drinks about four cups but nevermind. I tried it. Swill. Tried another flavor. More swill. The tea was okay but jeebus, figuring tea + hot water doesn’t require an advanced degree.

    • JRam says:

      @legwork: Well the people down here are buying the machines and kcups like crazy. The employees that have it like the coffee. But they mainly drank folgers before.

    • bobinchicago says:

      I respectfully disagree, legwork. You may have tried K-Cup coffees you disliked, but you can’t blame Keurig. There are K-Cups I like and K-Cups I despise, and I’ve tried dozens; I apologize for this, but I think you’ve done little more than paint a picture of yourself as a snob. Two samples does not an informed opinion make.

      You might buy your friend the “My K-Cup” ($15 at Bed Bath & Beyond, cheaper online) and bring over some of the coffee you prefer. I buy my beans straight from one of the country’s top roasters, luckily two blocks away from my apartment, and use a slightly fine grind. And I make great coffee.

  3. Smörgås bored says:

    I love my Keurig. When I called their customer service after 5PM on a Thursday to complain about it malfunctioning, they apologized profusely and sent me a new one. I got it on Friday afternoon. Awesome.

  4. catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

    i am ok with the one we have at work. the hardest part is having 3 of the large ones for around 300 people. it has to stop to heat more water pretty often and then there’s a line

    • SarahKH says:

      @catastrophegirl: Best will in the world something like this isn’t supposed to service 100+ people. Perhaps something a little more… industrial.

      • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

        @SarahKH: it is the industrial one. when i say ‘one of the big ones’ i mean the office sized one. it’s just that it gets used steadily through the first half of the day every day. yes, it’s got a good service contract though. needs it about once a week.

  5. Eels says:

    Keurig provides instant gratification and it is well worth the price to me. Their coffee is not mind blowing gourmet but it is consistently very good.

    • ElizabethD says:


      This seems to be a consensus among purchasers. Our college age daughter had a one-person Mr. Coffee drip machine in her dorm room last year, but she begged us this summer for a small Keurig model after working an internship where they had the big Keurig machine. She wore us down, we got her new coffeemaker on sale at Kohl’s, and she absolutely loves the taste and convenience of her personal Keurig.

  6. mrsultana can't get a password to work says:

    So, many people complain about the “what a waste” these things are. I have had one for over a year now and can tell you that it most definitely is not a waste. Instead of brewing 4 cups in my old Krupps and throwing 2 of those cups out when I get home after work, I would just brew the two I can use before work. Most “regular” coffee makers people have only produce a decent cup if you brew at least 4 cups, but I’m only one man and not detoxing alcohol so I only usually want 2. Second, they sell a filter cup that allows you to put any coarse grind into the Keurig and get out a magnificent cup of whatever you want (after a little playing on the measurements).

    • Scoobatz says:

      @mrsultana: Completely agree. I used to waste so much coffee in the morning, and I dreaded having to clean everything daily. I love my Keurig and so does my extended family. Ever since I purchased one, four others in my family bought one too. I also have a recurring shipment order with Green Mountain, so I never run out of coffee and get to try lots of different types. And, the more you buy, the better discounts you get, and soon you get a lot of stuff thrown in at no extra charge.

  7. chipslave says:

    I got one for my wife so she could make flavored coffee and stop doing through the regular coffee machine. Blech. :)

  8. chacotom says:

    We use fresh ground coffee in ours. My wife and I have gone from spending an average of $5 per day for about 4 cups, to $1 per day when we used the premade cartridges, to 25 cents per day now. And there’s no waste, except for the grounds.

  9. pjstevens77 says:

    I have one at home and one in the office, I love it, so many flavors to choose from. For those of you who think its swill, don’t drink it, you just keep going to Starbucks and paying $5 for that jet fuel bs you call coffee

  10. phatbeats says:

    I ordered my Keurig through the Green Mountain Coffee Company. Ar that time I joined their Club where they automatically send you coffee based on what coffee you want and how often you want it shipped to you. I found out later that being in this club extends the warranty past the 1 year mfg limit. that came in handy when I left my brewer in the car overnight during freezing temps… the brewer always has water in it. Once it froze the ice expanded and broke a plastic valve.

    I have no complaints about the brewer itself. Thus far I have not found any of the K-cup to be anywhere as near as tasty as using my own fresh grind.

    My advice is get the brewer, but also purchase the attachment that allows you to use your own coffee.

  11. haff says:

    We successfully lobbied in our office to have these machines removed. Bland coffee (Dozens of flavors were tried), not to mention what a waste of plastic on a daily basis with all the empty K Cups.

  12. Coffee? says:

    One of the 3 Keurig coffee makers that we ordered did not contain the 18 samples that were supposed to be in the box. This was a gift and the recipient was very disappointed. I am afraid that this made what was supposed to be an exciting and fun gift a huge disappointment and the recipient couldn’t try out the coffee maker until they went to the store and purchased K-cups after the holiday was over.
    I have emailed the director of customer service – thanks for having it on your website. I am very happy to have learned about this from a friend.

  13. Honey says:

    I am so happy with the service and the pleasant staff concerning my Keurig coffee maker. Angela was the customer service rep that helped me and she was very patient and kind. I received my Keurig for Christmas and I LOVE it so when it mal-functioned I was upset. Angela talked me through the things I could try to remedy my problem and when that did not work. she arranged to have a new one sent to me.It arrived within 3 days and all is well. Thank you so much-you have a customer for life!!! Angela told me to return the k-cup holder once I received an ATR# but I am not sure where to send it. Please advise. Thank you so much, Edith Moore

  14. EK19067 says:

    Initially I wasn’t sure if their product quality was worse than their customer service. Now I’m certain that Keurig’s product quality and engineering are far worse than even their deplorable customer service.

    About 3 weeks ago I purchased a Platinum model at a Kohl’s Department store in Yardley, PA. A week later the machine stopped working. Every time the water started to heat the machine turned off like it blew a fuse. I returned the product to Kohl’s to obtain a replacement. A Kohl’s employee informed me that they’ve had several returned due to the exact same malfunction.

    I also forwarded an e-mail through the Keurig website to Customer Service to report the problem I received an acknowledgement that they received my inquiry, and indicated that I would be hearing from someone within 2 business days. Two weeks later I’m still waiting. Whoever is running Keurig’s Customer Service should be embarrassed by the unresponsiveness, and terminated. There’s absolutely no excuse for such poor service. My guess is they’re overwhelmed by consumers reporting similar defects their products.

    This morning, 3 weeks after first purchasing the Platinum product, my replacement of the original Platinum model is doing the same thing. I will be returning it later this AM for yet another replacement model. Who will be compensating me for all the time I’ve wasted because of the shockingly poor quality? This is ridiculous!

    You can be sure that if anyone asks me what I think about Keurig, I’ll tell them it’s great, if you don’t mind returning it for a replacement every 2 weeks.

    I’ve never encountered such poor quality before, with such disinterested customer service and management.

    If the 2nd replacement dies after 2 – 3 weeks you can be sure I’ll be returning it for a full refund after giving up on the company.

  15. EK19067 says:

    Hard to believe but the replacement of the replacement is defective as well. Wouldn’t even brew the initial start up cup. Back to the department store, for a fourth time and requesting a full refund. I’ll never recommend or purchase another product from Keurig. I will most definitely tell people in the real world, and on-line about my experience. This was absolutely ridiculous.