Geek Squad Turns Your Laptop Into An XBOX 360?

Reader Taylor is a little concerned about his laptop. It died on Halloween and he took it in to Best Buy the next day. Two weeks later, he typed his order number into the Geek Squad website and found that a little Halloween magic had taken place. His laptop was now an XBOX 360.

Taylor says:

My Compaq laptop’s hard drive bit the dust on Halloween, and I took it to Best Buy and invoked my extended warranty the next day. Despite the fact that they could have simply given me an identical hard drive or replaced it on the spot, they decided to send it out to HP. It’s been there for a little more than 2 weeks now, and i went to the geek squad email they sent me to check its status. I entered in my order number and zip code, and lo and behold, i was presented with the attached image. Note that “Your service number has been changed to” is blank.

2 weeks ago, when i received the letter, the fields were populated with the correct information for my computer and serial number. The schedule dates in the table below the information are still correct. I called the Best Buy in question, and they responded with something along the lines of “uhhhhh…anything can happen”. I’m not exactly confident that this is going to resolve itself nicely

We’ve got our fingers crossed for ya, man.

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